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How You Can Be Promoting Your Blog Through Social Media

December 14, 2016 - Fifteen

Once you’ve spent all the time and effort in writing a blog post, you don’t want to just leave it there on your site to never be seen or known about. What you can be doing is linking your blog posts into your social media schedule. Social media is an integral part in driving traffic towards your blog and increasing your regular readership. Here are a few things that your brand can be doing to be promoting your blog through social media channels.

Schedule Social Posts

The first thing you want to be doing once you’ve either scheduled or set a blog post live is to get the post promoted out on your brand’s social media channel. You can be doing this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, just to name a few!

If you’ve got a large following on your social media channels, by posting about your blog posts on them, this will drive traffic over to your website to read the blog. It may even encourage readers to browse around other blog posts or even through your website to look at what products and services you have to offer.

 Feature Your Blog Link On Socials

On most social media platforms, you should be bale to leave your website link within your brand’s profile. What you can be doing is setting this link to direct readers to the blog feed on your website or even onto your most recent or relevant post, instead of just the landing page.

Get involved With Blog Chats

There are all sorts of blog chats on social media, particularly on Twitter, as these chats are monitored through hashtags. For example, you’ve got #BlogHour on Tuesday nights from 9pm-10pm, during this time you can be talking to your readers, checking out other brands blogs or even focusing on promoting your blog posts during this hour.

There are many more chats you can be getting involved in that are industry specific blog hours, which may encourage those who are already interesting in your field.

Include Links To Your Recent Blog Posts In Newsletters

If your brand is sending out newsletters to clients, customers or to anyone else who may be signed up to your newsletter, utilise this to feature some of your favourite blog posts of the week or month from your site.

Avoid listing off every single blog post you may have done, just a couple will do! Once you’ve got someone onto one of those posts, they may end up reading more.

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