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The Facebookification of Instagram

March 21, 2016 - Fifteen

Here’s a very quick update for you about the upcoming algorithm change that will alter the way photos are displayed to you on Instagram. We are told that this change will only change this for the better but there are many out there that disagree. Does this ring a bell? Well, if it does, then have a gold star because this isn’t the first social media platform that has changed to get a little more “Facebooky” (not a word I know), that has been heavily criticized. Twitter’s algorithm change ruffled many feathers. You can read about that here.

Why can’t social media platforms get out from under this Facebook shadow? I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that this is happening to Instagram. After all, it is owned by Facebook.

So what are the ins and outs of this algorithm change, put simply? Instagram are updating their algorithm to show us what we want to see based on our interests.

So what does this algorithm mean for us?

Well, like the Facebook algorithm, this is designed so that we do not miss any content that we might find interesting or useful. This algorithm uses our interests to tailor what content we see. Many are seeing this as the inevitable end to organic social media and being able to deliver content to our followers without the big hand of Facebook guiding our content to those who they think want to see it.

Instagram have previously stated that users miss 70% of posts that show up in their feeds, which means that only 30% of content is seen. However, we can’t help but wonder if the suppression of organic content is the answer to helping users see what they want to see? It is still unclear as to the full extent of this change for Instagram. However, it is enough to whip the Internet up into a frenzy, so much so that there is a petition to stop the algorithm change.

If you feel particularly strongly about this change here is the link the join the masses to keep Instagram the same.


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