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Is Facebook the New Google?

June 9, 2016 - Fifteen

What does Facebook’s AI mean for the future of your business?

Last week Facebook introduced DeepText, a new text understanding engine.

The programme has futuristic properties; scanning and interpreting the textual content of several thousand posts per second in over 20 languages.

The text has near-human accuracy in understanding content. Facebook will be able to tell the difference in conversations, such as ‘I need to book tickets’ or ‘I’ve already booked tickets’ and target users accordingly.

But how does it affect your business?

The future of Facebook is that they’ll be able to know what the consumer wants – Before the consumer even knows themselves.

Discuss booking transport with your friends and Facebook will be able to pop up suggesting a taxi company. Ask if anyone is selling an item and Facebook will pull a list of relevant seller information from other users. Suddenly the need to use a search-engine is gone.

The technology also allows Facebook to examine the way people talk about certain subjects. Analysing the way users talk about things give companies huge amount of data around providing relevant content, appealing to users and targeting advertising keywords.

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