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It’s International Project Management Day!

November 3, 2016 - Fifteen

Its international project management day (IPM day), and here at Fifteen, we aren’t turning down the chance to celebrate, and give a shout out to our team of project managers!

Managing and co-ordinating projects is no easy task, it involves a lot of organisation and making sure that both parties are aware of milestones to meet in order to keep the project on track, and meet all the necessary deadlines.

Meet the PM’s

slack-for-ios-upload-nullLet’s take the opportunity to meet Sophie and Josh, who are Fifteen’s project managers, not a single project leaves the Fifteen studio without them looking at the website before it launches to the world wide web.

Sophie is our Digital Producer, who heads up the production team. Her experience with managing projects has lead to a successful launch for a number of projects here at Fifteen, and has seen multiple awards winning projects leave the studio and go out into the world wide web!

“Being a Digital Producer at Fifteen is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done, I learn something new every day, and no day is ever the same! I really enjoy seeing a project come together from the planning stage to a fully fledged live website, and obviously a happy client!” 

Josh is our Production Co-Ordinator, who assists Sophie in managing the projects, testing websites, and populating the websites that come through the Fifteen studio, Josh is currently completing an apprenticeship and is on the way to becoming a fully fledged project manager this time next year!

“When I found the Production Co-Ordinator apprenticeship online, I thought it was too good to be true. However, almost 6 months on an everything is going perfectly and I can’t even begin to explain the feeling when a project that you’ve managed or worked on goes live and the client loves it. It is so satisfying.”

Project Management & Fifteen

At Fifteen we feel that it’s important to help the world understand the importance of project management, and you can read a number of blog posts about how to project manage your website project internally, and with our help we can make sure that your project runs as smooth as possible, and is delivered on time and on budget.

Project management is a key role to the success of any project at Fifteen, and involves a number of processes from writing the project scope and technical documentation of what the project will consist of, to getting content from the client, keeping the client up to date, populating the website, testing the website and finally making sure that the launch process is as smooth as possible.

Using a range of different project management tools in the office, we make sure that everyone knows what they are doing and have regular catch ups to make sure that everyone is happy, and they have faced no development issues that might cause a delay in the project.

Each member of the Fifteen team has had some experience with managing a project through the Fifteen studio, from print projects to digital projects each one has their own set of challenges that need to be addressed and overcome, and praise is due to each team member who works so hard to make sure that projects run smoothly, the client is happy, and the work that we produce as a team is at our award winning standard!

Thinking of a Project Management Career?

If you are reading this, thinking that you fancy a career in project management, there are loads of online courses you can do, or look into a junior role within a company, where you can learn from project managers with years of experience!

We are also always on the look out for upcoming project management stars, SO if you think you’ve got the skills and the drive to become part of the project management team here at Fifteen, feel free to send your CV over to careers@fifteen.co.uk.

So, here is a toast, to all the project managers out there, and it’s time to celebrate our work, and what we do as the unsung hero’s of the web world!

“I’m a project manager, I solve problems you don’t know you have, in ways you can’t understand!”

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