JJ joins the team… for the day

May 22, 2013 - fifteen

JJ Joins The Team

We’ve had a busy busy month so we needed an extra pair of hands today! Our web developer Steve brought in his son Joseph to help out the Fifteen Design team for the day so naturally we got him to fill in the Fifteen Team questionnaire!

Name: Joseph Johnson
Tattoos: None
Left or Right Handed: Left
Google Image Results: None
Weird Habit: Listening to too much rap
Tipple of Choice: Pepsi
Secret Skill: Kung Fu
Guilty Crush: Rihanna
Zombie Apocalypse Weapon of Choice: Nuke
Favourite Movie Villian: Deadpool
Your Phone Background: Default
Rich Tea of Digestive: Digestive
Your Hero: Eminem

Thanks for lending a hand today Joseph, maybe when you’re old enough you can join us for real!

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