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January 2, 2013 - fifteen

joining fifteen graphic designer joe

Since joining Fifteen Design before Christmas, the guys have been bugging me to write a blog about how I’ve found my first few weeks in the studio, so here goes.

When I first met the team I kinda instantly knew that I’d get on with everyone. When you start work at a new place theres usually at least one person that you’re not so sure about but I can honestly say that I get on really well with everyone here. Sounds like I’m sucking up I know, but that is genuinely the case!

I’ve been working on a fair few different projects since I started but for some reason they keep throwing branding exercises at me! Brands and websites actually. I seem to have worked on at least a dozen in the 4 weeks that I’ve been here! They must think I’m good at it though seeing as they keep sending them my way!

I suppose the only downside to my new job is that I have to travel from Sheffield every day. Usually it takes me about an hour and 40 minutes depending on traffic but I guess that’s just one of the few downsides of a pretty cool job.

I’m not a man of many words so I’ll keep this short and sweet but I am really enjoying my new job and look forward to my future at Fifteen Design.


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