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Kicking off a new website for Sport981

May 13, 2016 - fifteen

After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of our latest website for Strength and Conditioning coaches Sport981.

About Sport981

Sport981 are UK leaders in performance training services, and specialise in offering tailored integrated services for professional athletes, clubs and organisations. Their methodology has been used consistently to advance many athletes in their careers, and have worked with the likes of Steven Gerrard and Tom Daley to help injury prevention and performance techniques.  They are the only company to offer services like this, and coupled with their educational offering budding strength and conditioning coaches can have real life experience within the industry.

The Task

Working alongside the team at Sport981, we worked with them to design and build a responsive website that would support their growing business and allow them fuller control of the website. The site is built to encourage users to get in contact with the team to discuss their requirements, whether they be a professional athlete, school or university, a national governing body or someone looking to become a coach. Using a range of information from a detailed marketing plan that the Sport981 team provided, we were able to develop a sitemap that would fulfil the users journey from start to finish.

The Website

It was important to display the range of services that Sport981 has to offer, as each of their services aim at a specific target audience with different requirements and needs.

Using a range of strong images throughout the website, it helps create an inspirational feel and covers a wide range of sports which users should find attractive and engaging.

The design of the website is slick and clean, but gives impact where needed, to deal with a vast level of content that needs to be displayed, a page builder style system was created, so that blocks of text with headings can be added to the website, enabling users to scan over the content to the parts of pages that they feel are applicable to them. With large call to actions at the footer of each page, the team can customise what their users are seeing at each point of their journey.

Reassuring and backing up the Sport981 teams expertise was vital with this build, on each service page the Sport981 team have the ability to display a range of case studies and testimonials relating to each service, giving the user a tailored and unique user experience only displaying information that is relevant to them, and allowing them the opportunity to find out more about how the Sport981 team have helped other athletes in their careers.

A key section to the website, was the Performance Education section. The Sport981 team work with a range of different clubs and universities to offer people a unique training course to become a high performance strength and conditioning coach. They offer 3 different elements to their education, 2 are longer term courses and the other is a workshop series which can be used as top up courses for coaches who have completed the prestigious Sport981 programmes or those looking to develop their skills further. The courses are unique as they focusses on developing potential coaches practices so that they can develop their career pathway with meaningful results for whomever they work with.

The Sport981 website is fully responsive, and will work across all browsers and devices, and is built with the Sport981 team in mind, to offer them the ability to expand the website as the team and the business grow. We can’t wait to see the Sport981 take off and develop into something more over time, and look forward to a continuous relationship with the team moving forward.

Who Worked on the Project?

Kate Crowther – Client Services Director
Kate worked tirelessly with the Sport981 team, understanding their brief and passing on the information to the team at Fifteen. She assisted them with guidance on their content and image choices, and provided a seamless link between Fifteen and Sport981.
Sophie Kish – Digital Producer
Sophie managed the project internally, working alongside the client and the team at Fifteen through the design and development phase to push the website through the studio to launch. Key aspects of her role included populating the website, and ensuring that content was taken from their existing website to their new website, as well as Training the team on how to use the website moving forward.

Michelle Moss – Lead Creative
Michelle worked alongside Kate, Sophie and the client to create a design that worked for them. With an active interest in sport, Michelle was the best person to work on the job. She designed the website with the best possible user experience in mind, and giving them the professional and inspirational appeal that they were looking for. Whilst using their existing brand and colour-scheme, Michelle was able to develop a modern and slick website design that fits the target audience and nature of the sport world.

Chris Lee – Web Developer
Chris took Michelle’s designed and brought them to life, developing a bespoke responsive website that will allow the Sport981 team to use going forward. His development will allow the team at Sport981 to build on their current pages with a page builder and custom templates, and have optimum control over what is shown on the pages through the website.
Adam Richmond – SEO & Content Executive
Adam took a range of keywords that the Sport981 team wanted to be found for, and performed relevant research around them to produce the optimum keyword for onsite optimisation. He also performed necessary 301 redirects so that SEO values are carried across to the new website structure.

Why not take a visit to the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit The New Sport981 Website

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