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Logo Re-Designs of 2020/2021

September 24, 2021

Some of the most well known brands have unveiled brand-new logos this year. Many companies core messaging and tone of voice have changed during the past 18 months, or they have been looking for a fresh look for their logo re-designs.

We have seen brands such as BMW, Burger King, Vimto and Renault refine or revive pre-2000’s logo designs which are refreshingly familiar for consumers in a time of uncertainty or alternatively looking to the future. 

Here’s a look at some of the changed up logos and an insight into what you can use to give your own logo a refresh.

Burger King

The voice of comfort and familiarity seems to have a surge of popularity in logo re-designs of 2021. With a mix of minimalism and nostalgia, Burger King’s logo is a great example of both.

Using an old 90s design with a contemporary update, Burger Kings new look is a great refresh on their classic look. After two decades, they have retired the multicolour logo and gone back to basics.


The new-look from BMW was unveiled along with the news of the new concept i4 where the new logo go into production first.

With this new logo BMW are looking to the future with interesting aspects to the design that we don’t usually see. Structurally, it remains the same but the most noticeable change that has made is removing the black ring and replacing it with a transparent one. 

BMW have added the new logo re-design to their article titled the BMW logo – meaning and history. BMW have taken a step backwards with a design that resembles their logo used in 1963, and much like Burger King have looked at making the logo cleaner.


Also kicking off the 2021 with a new look across their entire range. This complete redesign is claimed to deliver a “cleaner, bolder and more modern look”.

Paying homage to the brands heritage, the logo maintains the red, white and purple colour palette. The addition of a white ‘V’ behind the brand name would provide “strong on-shelf standout”, said Vimto.


Another big change for 2021.  Renault have opted for a geometric logo in a timeless rebrand. This new logo is a geometric version of its previous diamond-shaped design which hasn’t changed since1992.

The new flat logo comprises two intertwining diamond shapes and was designed in-house to catapult the brand into the future.



One of the key reoccurrences of these refreshed logos is creating an emotional branding message, refreshing the logos to be cleaner and bolder while looking at the past and bringing them into modern day; often creating a sense of familiarity and moving forward after a period of uncertainty around the world.

Some elements you could take away and implement with your own logo is, refining the colour pallet and looking to simplify lines and look at geometry for inspiration.

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