London 2012, you are gold!

August 10, 2012 - fifteen

london 2012

Whilst Fifteen Design are winding down this Friday evening, we’ve been discussing the Olympics and there impact on the country over the past two weeks. We are proud as punch of Team GB and the sheer amount of talent displayed this year. At the time of writing this, Team GB have gone through the blood, sweat and tears and gained 54 medals! They haven’t done this well in over 100 years, when Tug-of-War was an Olympic event!

What we have been interested in, is the sudden change of heart towards the Olympic branding since the games begun. Back in 2007, the official London 2012 logo was released. It was met with a torrent of negative reviews, including fears that the colour scheme cause epileptic fits! What was concerning to some was the cost of the logo, which was a reported  at £400,000. What some people failed to realise was that the logo was merely part of the costing, and that the fee covered the whole branding exercise. Now we at Fifteen Design know the difference between getting a logo and getting a whole identity, but such controversy will always blow facts like this way out of proportion!

What has followed the backlash against the logo, is that the branding of the Olympics has suddenly been thrust upon us this year and you know what… it’s rather good! The whole identity really works as a whole and really pushes the spirit of the games.

What has potentially let the Olympics down this year, is the fierce brand protection. The stringent rules that brands must abide by have been met with a large amount of criticism. In the olympic village for example, the only food retailer allowed to sell chips is ‘official olympics sponsor’ McDonalds. Chips?! You mean that famously British staple food?
Other examples include the ‘Brand Police’ setting out against business not affiliated with the Olympics using terms such as ‘London 2012’, ‘Medals’ and ‘Summer’ in their advertising. It may be protecting the Olympic brand, which is a massive selling point for the brands affiliated, but some companies have found some humorous ways to bend the rules!
The betting company ‘Paddy Power’ recently posted a billboard which stated “Official sponsor of the largest athletics event in London this year!”
What they were actually referring to was the egg and spoon race at a local sports event in London, France.

We also recently took part in The Drum’s ‘Fauxlympics’ competition, a chance to poke fun at the Olympic branding rules. The results were announced today, unfortunately we didn’t place but we did have a lot of fun and some of the entries were hilarious! The overall winner of the competition created a spoof advert for Viagra which would have definitely have been taken down quicker than Usain Bolt could finish the 100m!

What has been the most apparent during the Olympic Games this year though, is the sheer spirit of Great Britain, backing the athletes competing in the games more than ever. 2012 truly is the most proud year for Britain and we’ve enjoyed every minute of the games!

Now we’re just looking forward to The Spice Girls playing at the closing ceremony!

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