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Make Your Christmas Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

November 15, 2016 - Fifteen

Christmas is one of the best opportunities of the year to build up your customer base. You’re going to be having shoppers coming to your brand, who may not necessarily know your brand, and are simply buying from you for a gift for someone else. However, this is the chance to turn them into a loyal customer, who will repeatedly shop from you again, whether that’s for others or for themselves.

There will be customers who will prefer to do their Christmas shopping online, and then others that seem to love the thought of huge crowds, in-store Christmas music and long queues, but hey, each to their own. Whatever way they decide to interact with your brand, there are things you can be doing to make them become loyal customers.

Keep Them Interested

It seems pretty simple, but if they are simply coming into your store to grab a few presents for someone else, and then that’s the end of their consumer journey with you, then it’s unlikely that they’ll come back. You need to be grabbing their attention and keeping them interested throughout their journey. Here are a couple of ideas that you could put into practice;

Loyalty Scheme

If you’re offering out Christmas discounts, you could make it that they can only receive them if they sign up to your loyalty scheme, or they can gain extra discounts if they apply to the scheme. Once you’ve got them involved with this, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases to increase their future discounts and offers, they will also feel a part of the brand.


If the customer shops online, you’re more than likely to have their email on file. This means that you can send out newsletters to them, which you can make personal to them, or you can use them to promote any new offers, deals or products. This way of marketing is far more direct, and it can be done in the masses, just don’t become spammy!

Make Their Shopping Experience Memorable

Even in the mad Christmas rush, you still want to make your customers shopping experience memorable, but in a good way. They have already come out in the masses of shoppers, and endless queues, and the last thing they want is a bad experience to add to it. Even in the busy periods, it’s still really important to have excellent customer service, many brands will hire Christmas temps to be able to manage the influx of customers.

You could also set up a fun Christmas campaign, and make their experience interactive. Let them have some fun in your store or on your site during the festive period!

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Collect Feedback

This is something that can coincide with the newsletter, and that is to collect in feedback. Find out what you were doing right and wrong this Christmas, so next year you can improve upon this. Customer feedback will give you the best insight into what the customers are thinking about your brand. It’s best to ask them this shortly after they’ve made a purchase with you. If you can, even get a feedback email sent out to them the same day!

Get Them Following You

In our digital and connected world, getting these customers to follow your brand on social media is the perfect way to encourage them to become loyal. As they scroll through their news feeds, you should be continually popping up, as long as you’re creating regular content. The more they see your brand popping up, the more likely they’re to click back onto your site or head into your store.

If you want to know more about how to increase customer loyalty, I’ve written a blog post about the loyalty loop and how brands can benefit from it.

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