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Making A Good Impression Online

August 9, 2016 - Fifteen

With the growing age of digital, it’s vital that you make a good impression online. There are many ways to make a good impression online and all of these practices tie in together.

Through this blog, it will outline the key elements of your online presence, and tips about what you should be doing to make a good impression.

As a full service Digital agency, we can assist you with each element of your online presence, so if you have any questions or want to talk to us about how to improve your business presence online then give us a call!



With any business, your brand is vital, not only to making a good impression online, but also offline and across your various marketing materials. We often have businesses coming to us for a new website with a dated logo, and we advise them to update this to position their brand with the way that their business is progressing, it can be something small like updating the typeface of their logo, or adding a small splash of colour.

Take Grimsby Auditorium’s logo for example – they came to us with a logo that was dated, using elements which they wanted to move away from as part of their growth strategy and becoming an independent stand alone venue. As part of their new web project we updated their logo to fit in with their new angle, and tightened up the typography and device within the logo. It’s a very minor change, but makes all the impact!

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View Grimsby Auditorium Case Study

Talk to our team of experts today about your branding project: 0115 932 5151 or email hello@fifteen.co.uk



Your website is the window to your business, it can showcase so many things from your successes, products, services, case studies and gives your potential customers the reference point that they need to validate that you are the right company for them.

Having a modern, up to date and responsive website is key to having a great online impression and helping increase your business presence online and increasing those all-important conversions.

Building a new website takes time, and needs a number of people involved to make the new website a success. Rather than doing a website in-house, selecting a digital agency to guide you along the project means that you will have expert hands to help you at all times. Fifteen are experts in responsive website development, and understand a user’s experience and journey through the website to ensure that your business goals are met.

Orphans in Need approached us back in 2015, wanting a new website to help improve their online presence and position themselves as leaders within the charity sector.

digital impression - online - fifteen design

Working closely with the marketing department at OIN, we created a series of Wireframes to really target and understand the users journey through the website, before progressing onto visual design. We had to integrate the website with their chosen donation gateway, and also script code to pull through the orphans who were up for sponsorship into the website.

We achieved some great things with the OIN website, such as increasing their donation page views by 170% within the first month of launch, reaching over 32,000 page views and winning standard of excellence in the 2015 web awards, and still continue to win awards for it today.

View Orphans in Need Case Study

Although getting a new website is great, you need to make sure that you maintain it, and continue to work on and improve it over time. This not only means that your website will grow with the company, but it also looks fresh and up to date for your customers and users. Updating your website can include – adding more pages, adding blogs and case studies, improving and expanding on content through the website all are contributing factors, and will help improve your online presence.

Talk to our team of experts today about your website project: 0115 932 5151 or email hello@fifteen.co.uk


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO comes in two stages, the first is initially optimising your website with the relevant meta data and page descriptions in order to help your site surface on Google, this often comes within a new website project, where our digital team inserts a bit of freshness into your descriptions, and helps streamline your URL structure.

Moving forward from the initial onsite optimisation, requires a full search engine optimisation campaign, where our digital team works on your websites organic search rankings each month, improving page content, internal link structure, amending and tweak page meta tags and descriptions and working hard to gain all important backlinks from relevant websites. Each month comes with a full SEO report informing clients of what they are getting for their money, and what results have been achieved.

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At the back of 2015, our digital team wrote a case study for a long-standing client Mums Helping Hands, who wanted to increase their online presence from 0. Their main aims were to increase their organic traffic, strengthen the companies’ link profile, build brand awareness, and improve positions for keywords and phrases amongst other things. Over a period of time we successfully generated 896 high-quality backlinks and increased their site traffic by 617%, and this continues to improve.

View MUMS SEO Case Study

Onsite Optimisation isn’t the only method of organically improving your online presence, you can also write blog posts each week/month to insert fresh new content which is relevant to your industry into the website.

Talk to our team of experts today about your website search engine optimisation: 0115 932 5151 or email hello@fifteen.co.uk


Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is a great way to get some quick wins online, and it can really help boost your brand recognition by bidding on a range of keywords and direct a range of quality traffic to your website.

PPC is a great way of targeting a range of people depending on the keywords entered into the chosen search engine. We offer both Google and Bing PPC to our clients depending on their client base. To ensure that PPC campaigns are successful we track results through goal conversions and tailor campaigns over a period of time to generate results that convert and help increase your business.

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Remarketing is another paid tool, that works really well for raising brand awareness for users who have already visited your website once before, generating more qualified leads for a company than and increase your returning visitor rate.

Taking Hide Park as an example, they approached us to revamp their website, and take over their PPC campaign to improve PPC performance, lower cost per conversion and expand the focus on traffic and sales. With their tailored strategy, we decreased their cost per conversion by £5.73, increased their conversion rate by 58% and increased their average order value by 28%.

View Hidepark PPC Case Study

Talk to our team of experts today about your next paid advertising campaign: 0115 932 5151 or email hello@fifteen.co.uk


Social Advertising

With the growing social trends and range of users increasing day by day, having an active social presence is becoming one of the most important marketing tools we have available. While it is always beneficial to take an active interest in your companies social presence, we understand that running your own business can mean that you don’t have the time to take care of your socials, so that’s where we can help.

By implementing a well thought out strategy, and understanding target audiences, creating social campaigns (paid or free) can really help generate those all important conversions, and get your followers involved in the conversation, thus helping your online impression and showing that you are forward thinking and actively engaging with your customer base.

digital impression - online - fifteen design

Using HCL as an example, who approached us back in 2014 to help them create a solid social presence and provide useful and fun information for parents and pupils we organised a range of hashtag’s and events for users.

Through our campaigns we increased their website visits by 117%, and their average session duration to 44.16% increasing their facebook following by 209 followers.

View HCL Social Media Case Study

 Talk to our team of experts today about your next social media campaign: 0115 932 5151 or email hello@fifteen.co.uk


So, in conclusion, by making time and/or investing money into the practices above, can really help push your business forward and make that all important online impression, and Fifteen can help you in your journey. Contact us and arrange a meeting to discuss improving your online impression today!

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