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Making the most of an increase in web traffic as COVID-19 impacts demand online

March 24, 2020

Some industries are experiencing an upturn in demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel and leisure have been particularly hard hit where healthcare, finance and food are up in the wake of COVID-19. 

Google Trends highlights an increase in search for thermometers, protective face masks, paracetamol and even dumbbells are up as people are forced indoors.  

If your website is experiencing a surge in traffic and demand, here are some tips to make the most of it. 

Top Tips for Increasing Web Traffic

Analyse your proposition in line with your competitors. Whilst your demand may have increased that too of your competitors will have too. What makes your offering different, better? Do you offer free delivery, next day delivery or collect in-store?

It’s important to understand that online ordering presents convenience to customers and the better your proposition the more likely a customer will complete a purchase on your site over a competitor. Your website should communicate the benefits of your products and services. 

Make sure your website sends out the correct trust signals. Trust signals are delivered through professional design, an SSL certification, customer reviews and testimonials. 

Check your hosting package to ensure that your web server can cope with extra traffic. You’ll also need to think about the security of your website and the potential exposure to hacks. 

Make sure photography is of good quality, image clarity can increase conversion significantly. 

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Add discount or coupon codes to your website to incentivise purchases and sign-ups. 

Capture data across channels to capitalise on traffic that may not be ready to convert. An effectively timed email marketing campaign can deliver future conversions. 

Metrics and tracking, it’s a good time to ensure that all tracking is in place across your website and marketing channels. This will allow you to measure effectiveness and assign budget smartly to each marketing channel to generate maximum results. 

Practice conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Whilst you have an increase in the audience this allows you to test your website traffic and make small amends to your website to make big gains. This could be moving a button, tweaking your navigation or experimenting with messaging. You can move quickly and inexpensively to generate tests this way that can give you solid incremental gains. Low investments here mean that budget is invested sensibly and the results can be significant.  

Maximise your online efficacy with Fifteen Design. Our experts bring all their experience and insight to every project and will help you keep you afloat during uncertain times. Contact us now to find out more.




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