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Marketing on a Budget – or 10 Ways to Spend A Tenner

September 15, 2017 - Fifteen

The new £10 comes into circulation this week, and to celebrate we thought we would give you ten ways to spend it in order to market your business – once you’ve checked for those all-important serial numbers of course! Why? Well, deciding how to spend your marketing budget shouldn’t be a wild gamble or based on an inclination. When looking to grow your brand awareness, increase leads or generate sales every shiny new pound counts. If you’re starting out a new business, knowing the right marketing areas or services to invest in for your company is crucial. With so many opinions and so much advice out there, it can become difficult to decipher where best to place those precious pennies.


Your brand is everything and how it is represented to your potential customers could mean the difference between a sale, a follow, an engagement or a swipe left and you’re left in a junkyard of those who didn’t spend enough time getting that selfie right. Business is not all about looks, but if you are wanting to attract an appropriate audience it’s the place to start.

  1. Images

Assets are incredibly valuable to companies looking to market their brand digitally or otherwise. In this case, we are talking about pictures. We’ve all seen those terrible low resolution, bad quality photos accompanying a brands social posts or cramping their websites style. Don’t be one of these. An hour of time sourcing even just 10 high-quality images which represent your brand and style will be worth so much in the long run. Great free image libraries include Pexels and Unsplash where you can download beautiful free photos in seconds.

  1. Visuals

Speaking of images, a close second is having a bunch of visuals you can use for marketing on your digital channels. Canva is an online graphic design tool which gives you the power to create stunning visuals quickly and easily. The free version gives you lots to play with including templates, free images and graphics. But for the more ambitious, you can try Canva for work at just under £10 a month, where you gain access to many exciting extras – branding templates, colour profiles and animation creation.


Marketing will only continue to become inseparable from the digital world. As the world goes digital, your audience does too so you must use digital communication channels in order to reach them. Web, email, PPC and arguably the most cost effective being social media marketing.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Primarily here were discussing Facebook advertising – by far the most popular form of paid social media marketing. Facebook’s targeting capabilities mean your products or services are presented to those who are interested in your industry or area of expertise. Meaning, engagement and ultimately sales are more likely as a result. If you don’t yet know your audience, you can use Facebook advertising to see a demographic of those who interact with your brand. Once you know, or if you already know your audience you can push out relevant and engaging content to those people. £10 if mindfully spent here, can go a long way indeed.

  1. Social Media Scheduling

Tackling the world of digital with a presence on social channels is a good way to boost brand awareness. However, managing several platforms by posting relevant content to different audiences at different times can become overwhelming. There is a whole host of social scheduling platforms which help to ease this load. Hootsuite is one of the most popular and successful of these, allowing you to schedule social posts in advance and in bulk, connecting all your social platforms in one place. A Hootsuite Pro account is less than £10 a month.

  1. Influencers

Influencer marketing holds a whole host of opportunities for new brands to boost their reputation and desirability. We’ll be honest – it’s a minefield. But if you are an expert in your field and know your industry well there are bound to be popular influential personalities in which you could collaborate with. If you are small or a start-up, it’s probably not wise to contact those off the scale celebrity influencers (unless you’re feeling lucky!) but micro-influencers benefits can soon add up and gain momentum. Contact a few of these and consider spending your new £10 note on a few drinks or a nice lunch for them. A small token like this can go a long way when building relationships. 

  1. Remarketing

You may think remarketing is a more expensive digital marketing option. But, a £10 spent with knowledge and expertise of the platform it has the potential to be an impressive traffic driver. Clicks can work out as little at 5p each and you may gain hundreds of impressions per click from this. You can choose to target previous visitors to your website or even visitors of similar websites or those which search for similar topics.


Not to be forgotten when looking to market your business on a budget is the value in traditional marketing methods. Despite what some may say, these channels are far from dead. They may prove to be more prominent in some industries than others, but it’s worth considering some of these ideas in order to increase your brand’s visibility and raise your profile.

  1. Networking coffees

In the shadow of social media, email, telephone and other communication methods, lies the dark world of face to face contact and actual physical meetings – creepy? Fear not, people aren’t actually that scary and more often than not they appreciate someone taking the time and making the effort to sit down and have a proper chat. Your £10 will provide ammunition when swapped for a quality coffee or breakfast pastry. Similar to meeting with influencers, a gesture like this can be extremely persuasive. It works in both directions though, you may choose to spend time with those who can provide you with valuable advice and support for marketing your business.

  1. Business Cards

The art of the business card is not lost – you never know when you will meet someone and swapping mobile numbers just takes too long. Throw them a business card. If you’re in a situation where you have the opportunity to share your contact details times over, leave a whole pile of cards! Online printing providers such as Instaprint and Vistaprint have a range of business card printing packages under £10.

  1. Print Advertising

Physical marketing can still be made relevant when looking to connect with certain audiences. Smaller companies especially may still benefit from placing an ad in their local paper or buying advertising space on billboards. Depending on your target consumer, print advertising may generate hundreds of leads. It’s worth contacting your local media outlets for prices. That £10 might go a long way!


  1. Stunt Marketing

If you’re feeling brave then maybe put that £10 to an alternative use with something like stunt marketing. Some argue that these methods should be considered part of everyone’s marketing strategy. Think outside the window of your MacBook and go beyond the confines of your iPhone with a carefully constructed and thought out publicity stunt. Think where you will reach your potential customers in volume and make whatever you do insanely shareable socially because although your action takes place in the real world, it will rely on the digital one to spread the message. Make it clear who you are and splash your social handles everywhere.

Goes to show, there is so much to be done on as little as £10 or even no budget at all. However, make sure you are investing your time in a great marketing strategy including that of spend before you begin your journey. We can help you with a whole manner of digital marketing channels, just give us a call today!



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