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Meta Description – Everything you need to know

November 5, 2021

Meta description basically means it’s a short description for a webpage. It’s called a meta tag within the HTML code, these also appear on SERPs (search engine results pages) that help list your search result. 

The way it helps list your result, is because it’s an integral factor to driving in traffic, which improves a page performance in search. So it officially doesn’t have decision making to change results, but it’s a subfactor to getting you there.

What is a Meta Description for web pages

Meta descriptions will show up visible on searches on for example, Google. ITs a way to quickly give you a short brief on what the page is about or its contents. Having your pages keyword here will improve search results rankings, depending on the popularity of the word.

You want to keep this to a minimum size, nice and short, to keep all your important info visible in the small section you get allocated on search results.

Meta description

Meta descriptions can increase interactions

Optimize your meta descriptions, like you would along with your SEO. It’s plain and simple that you will receive many more visits to your webpages. 

Set a specific keyword in your meta description that the page has direct connection to, try to find popular current trending words. You can use programs such as SEMrush. It’s more likely users will select your result because this will be relatable to their search.

Search ranking results can be increased

An SEO meta description won’t solely increase search rankings, it needs multiple elements. However, results will be higher ranked with the more clicks it receives. Signals are sent to the search engine which informs the engine how important that page is proving it to be a good result.

How to make the most of a meta description

Make sure every page on your site has a meta description. Not only is this going to cater to better results and user understanding, but it will also provide a professional look toy your site, showing that you have taken plenty of attention. 

Landing pages, blog posts, homepage, FAQs, everything. Provide meta descriptions for all pages for the best codes of practice. It’s better to start now and it will become a second nature as with all skills. You’ll realise it’s not a big task during creation of new pages.

Search ranking results can be increased WordPress

As we have mentioned shortly ago, if you’re using WordPress, Yoast SEO or SEMrush are great tools and plugins. Once you have your plugins up and running, you’ll find it making life much easier for yourself. These tools will help you find the best possible keywords and will save you a long research time.

Meta description Conclusion

Don’t let this opportunity fall past you, get on top of your SEO meta descriptions. Its an incredibly useful strategy that can add something a little extra to your rankings, and hopefully draw more traffic to your site.

Remember to use your data and research of keywords/meta data. Always have a plan and track your use of meta data that spans your site. This way, you can come back at future stages to revisit your keywords and update them.




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