NDVF relaunch as Equation – New Name and Brand

July 5, 2013 - fifteen

Logo Design and Branding

Equation started it’s life as NDVF, the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum. We worked closely with the team in brainstorming new names for the brand.

relaunch as equation logo

We must have came up with around 1000 different names before the name equation was settled on. The meaning behind the chosen name was to convey the imporance of equality in relationships. They wanted to drop ‘domestic violence’ from their name as it is becoming an outdated term used now.

relaunch as equation literature

The logo design was a careful process shared with the team at Equation, feedback was extremely thorough and we completed the project to their deadline.

relaunch as equation design and print

With a new name and new brand to roll out, Equation held a brand unveiling which we produced much of the material for. We attended the event and could see the anticipation of all involved with what was previously NDVF. As the brand was unveiled it was clear that the rebrand was long overdue. Many were thrilled with the new name, look and feel of the brand.

relaunch as equation brand design

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