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New Brand and E-commerce Website Launched for Bubba Bambu

May 20, 2015

Fifteen were delighted to work with Bubba Bambu on the design of their new brand and e-commerce website.

Being doting parents, the creators of Bubba Bambu wanted to set up a business which revolved around the love for their children and when they came across bamboo the idea was formed. Bubba Bambu specialise in bamboo clothing for babies. Their range of products focus on the natural, soft qualities of bamboo which boasts a range of benefits for babies soft skin, which isn’t widely known in the market. Bubba Bambu work hard to source ethical bamboo clothing and bring it the the UK and they knew they needed an upmarket brand which would reflect the quality of bamboo as a fabric.

Being approached by Bubba Bambu at the very beginning of their business gave us a great opportunity for creative freedom, not only allowing us to be involved in the design of their logo and website, but we were also given the opportunity to work very closely with Bubba Bambu on the name of their new company.

Bubba – [bu-ba] – commonly used slang term for ‘baby’
Bambu – [bam-boo] – a natural material with a multitude of uses including softer than soft fabric!Bubba Bambu Logo Design


Bubba Bambu wanted a brand which was upmarket and reflected the nature of the products they sell. Through the use of elegant typography and a neutral colour scheme, the chosen logo conveys the idea of the natural, comforting qualities of bamboo and reflects the quality products they sell.

Bubba Bambu Logo Design and Branding

With a new name and logo we worked with Bubba Bambu to roll the brand out across a range of materials, including stationery, exhibition stands and packaging. All of which was translated into brand guidelines to ensure that where ever the brand is used, it is used in a professional manor which strengths the identity and ethos of the company.

We next moved onto the design of an e-commerce website where Bubba Bambu can showcase and sell their products. The main focus for the website was to create a friendly system which can be constantly and easily updated by Bubba Bambu with their new products.

Bubba Bambu E-Commerce Website

To help direct potential customers to the website we worked with Bubba Bambu to create and implement Google Remarketing. The designed suite of banners, help to target those who have previously visited the site and not completed a purchase, to guide them back to the website.

This one website employs virtually all of fifteens practices in one go:

  • Pay Per Click
  • Remarketing
  • Google Shopping
  • Bing Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation

We look forward to seeing Bubba Bambu grow from strength to strength and working with them again in the future.




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