New Prospectus Design for Elfed High School

September 16, 2013 - fifteen

Prospectus Design for Elfed High School

Elfed High School in Flintshire, Northeast Wales approached us to design and print a new prospectus for the school that suited their new school branding.

Rosemary Jones, the Headteacher, contacted us as she had seen examples of our school prospectus portfolio on our website and was surprised and pleased with the intelligent and unique designs we had produced for other schools across the country.

Working purely via email and telephone communications, we worked closely with Elfed High School to design a modern prospectus that was unique to the school and blended with their new branding perfectly.

prospectus design

The prospectus is full of photographs of the school, facilities and pupils. It’s a document to not only promote the school, it’s values and ethos in the best light to new or prospective parents and students, but also to use it as a platform to celebrate the school and pupil achievements.

The school needed a quick turnaround on the design and print of the prospectus in time for the new school year and with the prompt responses on design amends and content from the Headteacher, we were able to meet our deadline in plenty of time.

We’re currently helping Elfed High School to redesign and build their website. Look out for more news on this later in the month!

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