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New School Prospectus for Top Valley Academy

August 25, 2015

With another school year about to begin, Top Valley Academy were looking to refresh their look and produce a new prospectus that would inform potential students and their parents about life at Top Valley Academy and the opportunities it can offer.

When a parent is making the decision on which school they should send their child to, a prospectus can be a key factor in setting one school out against the others. It was therefore crucial that we designed a prospectus for Top Valley Academy that would contain all the required information in an easy to digest manner, that would stand out amongst the competition.

The current school prospectus lacked life and needed some of the energy found within the school injecting into its imagery. We were lucky to be able to undertake and direct a photoshoot, so we could capture the real life going on throughout the school, whether that be in lessons, at lunch or in one of the many extracurricular classes after school. This new set of school photography gave us a strong starting point, from which we could design the new school prospectus.

With a new build for the academy on the horizon we wanted to give the new prospectus a refreshed, modern look, that wouldn’t look out of place when the new build comes into place. To do this we created a design that would allow us to give a strong focus on the photography, while keeping a light and fresh feeling to the prospectus. Like with many school prospectuses, there is a lot of text and information that needs presenting to ensure parents are fully equipped with everything they need to know. This can sometimes run the risk of over crowding pages, leading to the reader getting lost within the information.

The new school prospectus design allows easy navigation through the prospectus and utilises the shield from within the schools logo to deliver quotes such as the students thoughts on the school and recent Ofsted reports.

Being able to print manage our projects allows us to design with the print in mind and add further creativity. For the final specification on the Top Valley Academy prospectus we added a silver foil and soft touch matt laminate, which gives an added look and feel of professionalism.

Following the design of the prospectus, it is vital that all other marketing materials are bought into line, to ensure the brand image remains strong. We designed a selection of flyers for the school and a post ad that advertises their upcoming open evening.

School & Academy Prospectus Design

Are you a school, who is looking to freshen up your school prospectus? Here at Fifteen we are an experienced design agency, who specialises in creating great prospectuses for schools and colleges across the UK. We understand how important it is to get the prospectus for your school right. Creating a great prospectus can help your school create a great first impression. Our staff has plenty of experience in all aspects of creating school and college prospectuses, including photography, design, copy writing and printing.

Creative School Prospectus Design

Combined we have over 20 years experience, working with a variety of schools and academies; everything from large private schools to local sixth form colleges. Our team of experienced designers will work with you throughout the entire design process. We will take the time to get to know your school and your aims, designing a prospectus which not only looks great but also communicates your schools message effectively.

Why not contact us for a chat with one of our experts, to see how we can help you design a great school prospectus?




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