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New Website for Finch & Belle

April 19, 2017 - Fifteen

With a passion for luxury socks, Finch & Belle came to Fifteen to help them create an online presence for their new ladies’ hosiery brand.

About Finch & Belle

Finch & Belle is a luxury brand for ladies socks using quality fabrics, including cashmere and silk. Their aim is to give a whole new meaning to socks, rather than the attitude that “a sock is just a sock”. Their products are beautifully designed and are constructed to have a luxurious feel and comfort to them.

What We Have Been Doing For Them

We worked with Finch & Belle to understand their target market and create an e-commerce website that would appeal to their audience. The new website would allow them to showcase and sell their products, tell their story and allow for future growth – a key focus for Finch & Belle, who at the beginning of their journey need a website that can grow with them.

The Finch & Belle line was split into four collections; occasion, city, casual and active. We worked to create a story around each collection and with a strong focus on imagery display a desirable lifestyle that would attract customers to each collection.

We built the website in an easy to use content management system (CMS) that will allow Finch & Belle to easily edit and add to their website as and when needed.

Who Worked On The Project?





The Finch & Belle website was a brilliant project to work on and it’s great to hear the successes Finch & Belle have been achieving since the launch of the new brand and website. We look forward to hearing more and working with Finch & Belle in the future.

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