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Oliver’s Work Experience at Fifteen

July 28, 2016 - Fifteen

My name is Oliver and I have come to Fifteen for three days to do some work experience. Fifteen may be my Dad’s company, but I haven’t been treated any differently to anyone else.

I started off day one of my work experience by arriving at the office at 7:20am, because my dad had a meeting at 7:30am. We were the first ones to arrive, with Kate and Natalie arriving soon after. The person coming for the interview arrived and so the day began.

Whilst my Dad and Natalie were in the interview I asked Kate if there were any jobs I could do. My first task was to create a mood board that includes ideas and designs for a new office. Soon after the interview, other members of the Fifteen team started arriving. This was at about 8:10am. After I had completed my mood board I asked Natalie if she had any jobs. So my second task was to think of ideas for what facts or information she could put on some of Fifteen’s client’s social media. I completed that at about lunchtime after doing it for 3 companies. I then helped Natalie and Kate with finding websites for learning and for children to play. After finding the websites with them I had to test out these websites and I wrote reviews on what they were like, what was good about them and what I didn’t like about them. I also made a note on how each site could be improved and whether or not I’d ever use the site again. Another question I answered in the review was would I recommend it to others and was the user experience good or not. I did that for 5 different websites, this task needed completing by the end of the day. At around 6pm we left the office and went home and picked my sisters up. Phew, what a busy day.

Day two began a bit later than the previous day so we arrived at work at about 8:15am; by that time people were just arriving. First I asked around for who needed jobs doing, if I could help anyone or make the first round of drinks for all the staff.  My first job for today was to go through 3 years worth of a clients blogs on a golf club website and repost them all on the new website.  As the old and the new websites were on two different content management systems, the best and most thorough way to do them was manually, so that’s where I came in. The blogs included announcements, competition information, new product info and updates on the course. That took just over three hours because there were almost four years worth of blogs, and most of the months had about eight blogs each. There were about 350 blogs! This took me up until lunchtime, and after lunch, I asked who else had other jobs. So my second job was to look at any colleges in New York that are competing for students in the big apple. I didn’t quite complete that job, as I only found three colleges but I had made a start and it was of some help.

Josh asked me if I wanted to do some designing on Photoshop, so I thought id give it a go! The job that I had to do was to make 2 blog images. The first one was for a blog titled ‘How a phone call can make your business money’, and the second one was called ‘Facebook v Snapchat: Slideshow’. I got the first image done on time but by the time I got halfway through the second one it was time to go, so I had to leave it until the next day.


Day three started by arriving at work at about 8:20am. As soon as I got into the office I started straight on the task that I didn’t get time to complete the day before. I finished this at about 9:30am and after that, at around 11.30am, I went out to look at some new potential office locations. In the afternoon I sat in a meeting with my Dad (Ollie) and a client regarding the redesign of the packaging of his entire range of products, which was very interesting and exciting. I learned a lot here.

I have really enjoyed my time at Fifteen, I have learnt a lot about websites and web design, not only how they are designed but how they work too. I learned about User Experience and User Journeys, all really interesting stuff. The working environment is fun, it’s a cool looking office and I feel really lucky to have been able to do my work experience here at a great company like Fifteen. Everyone is so nice, helpful and polite and it’s sad to see my work experience come to an end, but i enjoyed it… I learned a lot… and hopefully I’ll be back again. I promise to make more cups of tea next time though 🙂

Oliver Piddubriwnyj
Chellaston Academy, Derby

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