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Press Release: Fifteen help charities generate more income

August 19, 2015

New Websites for Orphans in Need and the IKCA Aim to Generate More Income

Two charities have recently launched new websites designed and built by the multi-award-winning web, design and brand agency, Fifteen. The new websites for Orphans in Need and the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IMCA) are both designed to not only create awareness about the work that the charities do, but act as an important tool to generate and collect vital funds.

The team at Fifteen worked closely with each charity to ensure they fully understood their requirements and could create websites that would exceed their expectations. Both websites are fully responsive to ensure they can be viewed on all devices, and are created with the user experience in mind. In particular Fifteen utilised their expertise at creating e-commerce websites to channel users towards taking action to support the charity, and streamlining the checkout process.


The design of Orphans in Need’s website is focused to facilitate both the sponsorship of orphans, and to generate donations for the various projects the charity runs. The charity required the sponsorship process to be made as easy and streamlined as possible for both the customer and themselves. To meet this requirement the team at Fifteen created a system where available orphans are automatically loaded onto the site from the charity’s server, and once sponsored they are removed from the public view to a holding pen while the payment goes through. If the payment fails they are automatically reinstated to appear with the other available orphans. In addition the bespoke checkout system adapts to whether the user is paying in one instalment, or on a monthly basis, as well as allowing them to add items that would make all the difference to the child. A separate donation checkout works in a similar way allowing users to support the various projects the charity carries out, and includes a fully integrated Zakat calculator.

ikca responsiveThe new website for the IKCA is also designed to encourage users to donate, highlighting the donation pathway on every page, and to make the process as easy as possible. The underlying themes of the visual aspect to the website are some of the IKCA’s core values, the concepts of hope, ambition and achievement, to inspire people to make a difference. One of the main requirements of the charity was a website that allowed users to support the full range of projects they run, whilst also offering a variety of donation methods. The donation system has specifically been designed to avoid overwhelming users with the amount of choice available, whilst at the same time allowing people to make payments of differing amounts to multiple projects in the same transaction. They are also given the flexibility to pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, direct debit or bank transfer.

Ikhlaq Ahmad, UK Manager at the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal said, “we are extremely pleased with the way that Fifteen managed our new website project. The whole team helped us clearly define our requirements, maintained communication throughout and created some really great designs and user functions which we love. When Fifteen say ‘We do Epic’, you can only understand the real meaning once you take that journey with them. The post-delivery support has been very reassuring, and the project was delivered on time too.”

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