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Proof is in the plan for Bodychef

September 2, 2016 - fifteen

After engaging with the client back in February and months of hard work, we are proud to announce the launch of the new BodyChef website!

About Bodychef

Bodychef are the brains behind the UKs first fresh diet plans, and have been providing a range of healthy diet plan options for over a decade. They have helped over 10,000 people reach their personal goals to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Their plans are fully customizable, so are designed to suit each customer as an individual, and include each meal over the plan period, their customers have no need to worry about cooking their meals, going for a food shop or calorie counting. Sounds perfect if you ask me?!

The task

To create a new responsive website and range of digital marketing practices for Bodychef, which drives customers to start their healthy living journey using Bodychefs diet plans as a key component.

The website should be fully responsive, and have a tailored user experience for users to navigate through the site quickly and efficiently with the aim to get them into their CRM system and convert to ordering a box. The website should act as a brochure website, that allows Bodychef to display their range of plans and offerings to their potential clients and market it to their target market

The website

Working closely with the client and their CRM provider, we created a website that links off to various sections of the system and therefore giving the user a seamless journey from the website to converting as a customer.

It was important to be true to the Bodychef brand, and to incorporate their 10-year history and business vision into a website that will give off all the right information to a potential new customer who is ready to convert. Using their strong colour scheme in key areas through the website, but ensuring that it was clean and easy to read and understand. The use of food photography throughout the website is key to illustrating to a customer the type of food that they might be receiving within the hamper, and making it appetising.

It was vital to improve the users journey through the website and ensure that they were presented with important and key information at all times, always giving them somewhere else to go and find out more information or convert into a customer.

The website is fully responsive, and is built using WordPress, it has been developed using the best practice development tools and built in a way that it is really easy for the admin to keep up to date.

Who worked on the project?

Ollie, Managing Director
After understanding the initial requirements of the customer, Ollie worked closely with the team at Fifteen to brief in the projects and bring their vision to life.
SophiethumbSophie, Digital Producer
After taking over the project management from Ollie, Sophie worked with the client and the team at Fifteen to push the website from design to development and launch. Understanding key elements of what needed to be achieved from the website was important to ensure that no element was missed.
Natalie, Digital Marketing Manager
Taking care of the digital aspects of the project, Natalie managed the digital team and took care of Bodychefs PPC and Affiliate campaigns, working alongside the client and the Fifteen team to generate reuslts for Bodychef.

Joshua Smith - Production Co-OrdinatorJosh, Production Co-Ordinator

Working alongside the Fifteen team, Josh helped coordinate various elements of the project, including population, image optimisation and website testing.


Michelle, Lead Creative

Working with the Bodychef marketing team from the begninning, Michelle created a design that was modern and fresh and focused heavily on the user journey and experience through the website.

lucy-thumbLucy, Designer

Working closely with the digital team, Lucy helped create a range of adverts and flyers for the Bodychef marketing team to use across.

Chris, Developer

Working to Michelles design’s, Chris implemented the PSD’s into the responsive website you see today, adding key elements of fucntionality in places and ensuring that Michelle’s vision came to life.

Pav, Lead Developer
Making sure that Chris had the best backup available on this project, Pav assisted with the build, inputting his years of experience and expertise into being able to add extra value into the website.


Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit the new Bodychef Website


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