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Rising to new heights with Altitude Adventure

July 25, 2016 - Fifteen

We are happy to announce the launch of our latest web project for Altitude Adventure who have just launched their first SkyTrail activity in Chingford.

About Altitude Adventure

Altitude Adventure work alongside Adventure Golf Ltd to offer a new kind of activity, children and adults of all ages have the opportunity to climb to new heights on one of their SkyTrails.

The first location in Chingford launched in July 2016, and the company have aims to expand their SkyTrails across the UK at their other Adventure Golf locations and beyond.

Suitable for everyone from birthday parties, to business team building events and hen/stag do’s Altitude Adventure has something for everyone.

The task

To create a parent website for Altitude Adventure location family, to carry across their Adventure Golf websites in due course.

With a brand and style already developed, Fifteen needed to create a website that lived up to the fun and thrilling nature of the attraction, that fit to the brands vibrant and fun-loving nature, and ensuring that it looks better than the competition.

The website also needed to be integrated with the Altitude Adventure’s booking system, which is hosted off-site.

The website

After understanding the requirements of the website, and the site-structure, we got to work wireframing and understanding the layout of the pages. As we wanted to create something that can continue to grow with the company, it was important to think about what the site could become, and then narrow it down to what it is today, with the focus being on the 1 location that the site launched with.

We worked with the company who developed the brand for Altitude Adventure and used extracts from the brand and various other visual elements that have been used across their marketing material into the website. This includes the use of jagged lines on the line breaks across the website, various visual elements such as titles, styled images that fit in with the theme and using their strong visual style across many different areas of the website.

The website is very visual, and uses a lot of images to help demonstrate the points made throughout the website. This keeps the site on brand.

This website has been developed to be the parent website for the range of experiences that the company has to offer, this includes all the Golf locations.

We look forward to working with Adventure Golf Ltd for the foreseeable future.

Who worked on the project?

Ollie, Managing Director
Ollie worked with the client to understand the initial brief and what we could achieve within the scope of the project, and did the initial research into the competition.

                                        Sophie, Digital Producer
Taking over the project from Ollie when the job came into the studio, Sophie worked closely with the client over the course of the project, understanding the brand and co-ordinating between the various parties involved.
Lucy, Designer
Utilising the visual elements sent over by their brand company, Lucy designed the website to match the visual style, utilising the jags within the brochures, and the font type used, so that we could match their strong marketing presence as much as possible.
Mikey, Developer
Mikey took Lucy’s designs and developed them into the website that it has become today, working closely with Lucy and Sophie to understand the site structure and the elements of the design to ensure that it lived up to the clients expectations was important, along side co-ordinating with Sophie and the booking system team to ensure a seamless integration into the website.
India, Marketing Assistant
India’s experience with onsite optimisation allowed her to optimise the website with the relevant keywords needed to help the site be found in Google.

Why not take a look at the website, and let us know what you think?

Visit The New Altitude Adventure Website

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