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June 1, 2012 - fifteen

Every week at Fifteen Design we get different industries contacting us to help them with their design and marketing needs. In fact that’s one of the best things about us, we can work in any sector. However, over the last year there has been one industry in which we constantly have at least one job that we’re working on. Schools.

schools prospectus design

The team as a whole has quite a lot of experience in working in the educational sector and we know that schools and more importantly education as a whole is being ran more and more like a business. With this in mind, schools are now vying for students and its important that they give the parents and students a good first impression of the school and with many schools now also being awarded academy status its important to have a strong school prospectus.

Joseph Whitaker School in Rainworth contacted us at the beginning of the year as they were preparing to be awarded academy status in September 2012. They’d seen the work we had done for other schools particularly the Nottingham Boys High School and quickly appointed Fifteen to tackle the new school prospectus.

We wanted to give them the best possible service and knew that in order to achieve what we wanted, we would need new photos. We enlisted the help of friend of Fifteen, David Baird to take the photos and he took a great selection of photos which made our job much easier.

schools prospectus design inside

Working with Ms McFaull at Joseph Whitaker made our live much easier. She had a clear idea about what they wanted and it was down to us to deliver. We had a very image led design in mind and using David’s photos, we were able to give a good feel of what the school is like without using too many words.

The school was really pleased with what we created and you can even see the testimonial from the school on our website.

schools prospectus design and branding

So any schools out there that are looking for help with their design or branding, contact Fifteen Design – The school specialists.

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