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School Website Design for The Becket School, Nottingham

April 4, 2014

Fifteen Design are pleased to reveal our latest school website design for The Becket School in Nottingham.

After working with many schools across the country to help them improve their online presence we were delighted to be given the opportunity to explore our school website design skills with The Becket School.

The Becket School wanted a website design that would improve the way that their visitors interacted and found information on the website. They wanted a website that would easily let visitors find the information they need quickly, share news about the school and include the latest updates on their social media channels as well as fulfilling the education government requirements. They were keen to have a bright and brand orientated website design with an injection of suitable secondary colours to make key links and features of the website stand out.

becket school website designAs with many school websites, The Becket School has several important areas of interest for parents and pupils including an events calendar, online learning portal, online payment system, prospectus download and the Sixth Form mini site. To ensure that these links were prominent, we positioned them towards the top of the website in bright colourful blocks. We’ve also added an extra feature where the block links hang from the top of the page and follow you as you scroll down the page. This way they are always visible and offer a quick link to the key features of the website.

One of the great things about The Becket School is that they regularly update their school news and social media pages. We’ve made more of a feature of this on the new school website design with the inclusion of a scrolling news feed on the home page and also a ‘latest news area’ including the highlights from the School’s Twitter feed, posted YouTube videos and a social wall link.

With user experience being a priority in this website design, we have designed website pages that allow the user to filter the website content so that they can find the information that is most relevant to them. Areas of the website this has been utilised include separating the Key Stage learning curriculum in the subject pages and sorting the parent letters available online by year group.

Becket School Website Design

Another area of this school website that has had a particular focus is the ability to contact specific teachers or departments within the school. We’ve designed a teacher and staff page that includes photos and profiles of key staff members and also lists all other staff by name and their job title. The user has the ability to contact every member of staff by clicking their name and completing the personalised pop up form provided.

The website we have created for The Becket School is responsive and can be viewed on mobile and desktop devices. Responsive website design is perfect for students using their smartphones to access learning facilities and for parents on the go wanting the latest school news and information.

There’s also an accessibility feature to allow website visitors to change the size of the text on the website to suit their reading ability. Another first for our school website design book!

We’ve really enjoyed working with The Becket School and we’re looking forward to revealing more exciting projects with them soon. Watch this space!

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