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SEO Tips: Optimizing Your Site for Christmas

December 2, 2020 - Fifteen

Having a solid SEO strategy for the Christmas period could be the difference between making it or breaking it over the festive holiday. Seasonality sees an increase in online activity and purchasing, granted that you leverage your online business to its full potential. The last thing you want to do during a busy period is lose visibility, customers or get a bad reputation. To help you out we’ve put together some need-to-know Christmas SEO tips.

Why is Seasonality Important to SEO?

Firstly, seasonality describes predicted trends that reoccur every calendar year, businesses can be impacted and affected differently by each seasonal trend. More times than not, businesses will see an increase in traffic and sales, but it’s all about the preparation.

When to Prepare

When to start your Christmas marketing can be highly dependent on your particular industry, however, with Google Trends you’ll get a lot more guidance. How does this free tool work? Across various regions and languages, it monitors trends based on the popularity of the specified search queries in Google. This can highlight to you when the interest in Christmas related search terms started picking up in a specific country. This should become a go-to tool when brainstorming ideas for a new season content campaign.

How to Prepare 

Bring Your Seasonal Products and Offers Forward

Using what you already know about your target audience, data from previous years and your best selling products you can easily identify what products you’ll use to lure customers in with. Your homepage should feature special offers that suit both new and existing customers; products that sell well during seasons and product bundles.

Thoroughly Plan Out Your Seasonal Content Strategy

Not only is season content more inclined to attract natural backlinks and organic social shares but it also can bring in more sales. However to ensure it attracts sales it needs to match the following criteria:

  • Cater to Seasonal Needs
  • Gift ideas
  • Holiday planning
  • Festive dinner cooking
  • Compliment Your products
  • Your Content Should Rank

Your content can combine an array of formats, from articles and blogs to whitepapers, infographics and collaborative content. It would also be extremely beneficial to do a lot of promo support for contests and giveaways. 

Create Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

To see the most benefit from your social media marketing you need a strong and solid campaign. This needs to include cross-team collaboration, keyword and hashtag research and a solid asset library. This means your social, sales, content and customer support team should all be working together to know what products to promote and what questions customers are asking.

Ensure Your Site is Performing Consistently and Reliably

Site issues can result in angry shoppers which over a season can result in millions lost in revenue. Therefore you need to make sure you have an emergency plan for any site issues, avoid adding new functionalities and load test web pages to handle the rise in traffic. Additionally, you should have your site fully optimized and all minor technical fixes complete.

What Happens When The Season is Over?

What should you be doing with your seasonal content and landing pages once it’s over? In most cases you do nothing. Although the search terms and keywords are no longer relevant, they are still ranking and benefiting your site.

You need to change your homepage as the offers, products and bundles may no longer be relevant.

Keep an eye out on sold-out product pages and any essential outdated pages as these could negatively impact your potential conversions. Once seasonal services expire and the landing pages have no more use you should clearly state on them that the product/service will be available next year. Or else show a clear list of the products that are still available. Don’t delete these landing pages if you plan to use them again the following year as you’re then able to retain rankings.


Although seasonal marketing can be very time consuming and overwhelming, it’s something that gets easier year on year. This is because seasonal campaigns and offers are reusable and processes are recyclable. Additionally, you can learn from what went well and what didn’t to make an even stronger strategy going forward. Optimise your site for Christmas and you’ll find visibility and conversions skyrocket.

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