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­smartpod UX Optimisations

October 21, 2020 - Fifteen

Who are smartpod?

smartpod build multi-purpose smart spaces across education, retail, leisure and commercial sectors. Customers can choose the size, external and internal finishes and smartpod build it so that it is bespoke to you. As they would say “you design it.. we build it”

What were the digital aspirations?

When the team at smartpod approached Fifteen, they were essentially looking for us to freshen up their website and make their website more conversional. smartpod had identified that their website was not generating leads as it should do for such a fantastic product. User Experience is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO, so for the website to be a success, it needed to follow UX & SEO Best Practices to get the results that smartpod expected from the site. Fifteen’s expertise in this area would be able to support smartpod in achieving their digital marketing and business goals.

User Experience across the site was not ideal so smartpod were looking for a full UX audit with actionable improvements. smartpod also wanted to drive more traffic to their website by introducing more pages with additional content and imagery to help showcase their offering in a better way.

What was the UX strategy?

Fifteen carried out a complete UX Audit across the site, this covered design and digital evaluations.

Menu Bar Optimisations

The original navigation bar had white text and a transparent background. This combination made it very hard for the user to read the menu against the header images on each page. When scrolling down the page, the navigation bar became solid black with white text. This layout was much more impactful and clearer to read from a UX perspective. Additionally, on the scroll, there was also a Call To Action to “call now to speak to one of our team”. Once the user clicks on the CTA the number would appear as shown below.

Our expertise and best practices fueled several UX recommendations for this section. Fifteen recommended changing the navigation menu to black with white text throughout the site. This change would make it easier for the user and help ensure page titles would not get lost on the pages with clashing header images. We also recommended pulling out the telephone number, rather than having this appear in a hover state. This change reduced the effort needed for the user to submit an enquiry and would be a more efficient way to get in touch.

We also recommended SEO changes to the site-map of the menu bar to help expand smartpods website with more product offerings. Originally, the different types of smartpods sat under one menu navigation “smartpods”. SEO and keyword research for smartpod showed that the menu bar needed to be split out to separate the different types of smartpods as top-level menu items. The main menu was built out to include Education, Retail, Commercial and Leisure. From here, the different pod types could be found in a dropdown under each of the categories above. This ensured that the user would be able to find exactly what they were looking for in an orderly and smooth manner.

Content Creation

Initially, the content included on the inner pages was underperforming and flagged as ‘low word count’ as part of our audit. This meant minimal time was spent on the site and the user had very few places to navigate to after reading the short amount of content. The pages were missing a great deal of information about each of the pods that would help support SEO and also aid lead generation. smartpod is a visual brand and having the opportunity to incorporate more images where possible would help increase the hold time of users on the page. For best practice, we wanted to ensure that pages had relevant, unique content about each type of pod. This format would encourage each page to rank each page higher in organic search, something that was not currently happening.

Fifteen carried out in-depth keyword and competitor research and built out a content map to support the content creation. We generated content with SEO best practice in mind and we worked closely with smartpod to get all of the pod information added to the website to ensure that the user had more information to help aid lead generation. 

Internal linking was also an initiative carried out across all of the new pages to help aid further user experience and time on site. Increased hold time on websites, along with smooth and easy navigation throughout the pages benefits the user experience across the site.

Conversion Optimisation

Initially, the smartpod website lacked clear conversion points. Aside from the hover over telephone number in the navbar and the form on the Contact page, the user experience onsite was not considered. Providing the customer with the information they needed about the pods followed by a point of enquiry was disjointed. 

Prompting the user with an adequate amount of opportunities to convert was vital. This was achieved by incorporating several Call To Action points into the website. Our first and most important recommendation was to add a contact form into the header on the homepage to aid lead generation. 

Previous client results and our best practices knew that this would be a fantastic yet simple way of generating additional leads. Fifteen worked closely with smartpod to develop the field formats for the form to ensure form completion percentage was as high as it potentially could be.

Future digital strategies meant it was likely that the inner pages would be utilised as landing pages. We added above-the-fold conversion prompt to the header of each page. The contact form was also implemented across the footer section of all of the inner pages. This is a repeated element across the website to ensure that there are enough touchpoints available for the user to easily convert. 

We have included the form in the footer as we wanted to tell a story throughout the pages first. Once the user lands on a page, they will see the page title and introduction text. They will then have a featured section with an image and text. As the user makes their way down the page these elements will be repeated, by also including clear call to actions. Finally, after the user has read all the information about a specific product, they will then see the get in touch form at the bottom of the page. This narrative will encourage the user to want to find out more.

The Results

As expected the UX efforts saw an increase across many key digital metrics. 

Overall traffic to the website increased from a high of 49 users in May to 548 users at its highest in July following the changes being implemented at the start of July. These results also matched the increase in impressions the website was now getting due to increased keyword counts across the site.

Goal conversions before the UX changes sat at 5 conversions in the period 1st May – 30th June vs 28 conversions in the period 1st July – 31st August, an increase of 460%.

Total keyword counts increased dramatically due to the additional content development.

In addition to the website changes we also developed a Social Media strategy to further encourage Lead Generation from Paid Activity. The new website style was carried across into the social media assets to further streamline the User Experience. 

The social media work has been very successful and is driving roughly 70% of the website traffic. smartpod have received 182 email clicks, phone clicks and form submissions in September from Facebook and Instagram alone. Smartpod is extremely happy with the results, especially because these were generated over a very difficult 2020 landscape. smartpod advised their lead growth grew from 1 lead every 2-3 days to 5-6 leads every day.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with such a fantastic business such as smartpod on an important digital marketing project. The team at smartpod were very happy to see their new UX improvements live and loved the new and clear designs for the website.

If you would like to find out more about our UX web design and build services or are interested in digital marketing, contact us today. We’ll supercharge your website and maximise your visibility.

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