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Snapchat: Do Your Competitors Have the Edge?

June 11, 2016

150 million. That’s the amount of users on Snapchat every. single. day. The platform has surpassed Twitter’s figures by nearly 10 million, according to a recent report by Bloomberg.

As users flock to the platform, your competitors follow. Follow our tips to optimise your account and give your brand a strong presence on the platform.


Live Stream. Snapchat is the King of throwaway-video so get filming! You can give your followers a more in-depth coverage of your activities – live streaming events and posting short clips without the fear of bombarding them. Plus, you can give your fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your brand.

Get Snapchat exclusive. Consumers want something new, that no-one else has. Brands often share the same posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but Snapchat’s content is individual. Which for your followers = new and exciting.

And then get Snapchat creative. The platform’s filters are a perfect way to make your posts more dynamic and playful. Not all of them will be relevant to your business, but there are plenty of opportunities to make your snap more fun. Check the new filters added weekly, to ensure your post is engaging and on trend.

The pressure’s off to provide content. An empty social media page or a blog that hasn’t been updated in months looks bad. As a result, companies can easily fall into the trap of posting low-quality content simply for the sake of filling a void. Snapchat’s format means that none of your previous content is visible, and users can’t track how many posts you’ve sent in the past. With the pressure relieved, you can focus on quality not quantity.

Your past won’t come back to haunt you. Some companies hesitate on each post they release, hampered by the fear of sending it into the world to be analysed, seen by their competitors and archived on their page forever. Snapchat allows the post to your followers to be digested and then deleted immediately, so brands can worry less and get experimenting!

Tell a tale. Snapchat’s format means that posts flow consecutively much more coherently, giving you the scope to tell a story.

Use it as a call to action. Surprise your followers with a secret sale or event exclusive to them. Snapchat is renowned for its sense of urgency and your consumers won’t want to miss out.


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