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Snapchat Update – “Chat 2.0” Makes Chat More Snappy

March 30, 2016 - Fifteen

If you have looked at Snapchat and decided against it due to it being a teenage fad then you might need to reassess sharpish. Snapchat have been working hard to shake the image of being a platform for 5-second nudes and sneaky self-destructing images and chats; and make a play for the big boy league, where Facebook’s messenger and Whatsapp currently have a seat at the table. With this in mind, we have to appreciate the gargantuan task ahead of them to compete with two messaging giants, due to their previous ‘chat’ functionality being overlooked by many of its users.

Snapchat update snapcode

You can scan this Snapcode to open up the update story from Snapchat

Snapchat have come out swinging and impressed many (including us!) with their new update, “Chat 2.0”. Want to know what’s new? Well, sit tight, because we are getting to that!

Snapchat Stories – In a bid to speed our way through our friends stories, Snapchat now auto advances you on to your next friends story when you have reached the end of the one you were watching. This allows you to easily see every one of your friends’ stories in quick succession, without the need to break the cycle. If you were getting disappointing views on your stories before, this should definitely help change that.

Stickers – Somewhere deep down, stickers have never lost their charm, especially for me. It sparks memories of ripping open Panini packs of football stickers to see who you got. But of course, it’s 2016, so instead Snapchat have included over 200 stickers that are now available in private chat. When you type in keywords such as ‘love’ or ‘food’ and hit the sticker button they instantly surface. You can of course scroll through the many different ones to see which ones you like, but the randomness is part of the fun, we think.

Audio Notes – A popular feature in both Messenger and Whatsapp, this allows you to send a short recorded voice message when you are on the move, can’t type, or are simply over excited! You can now send these with Snapchat.

Video Notes – You can now send quick 10 second (max) video notes that play, in a loop, in a small thumbnail on the chat page. These video notes look almost like GIFs but can also play audio if the user taps your message. This is great for sending reactions with your face.

Audio and Video Calls – This is the part of the update which has given Snapchat a more phone like capability. You can now call people with the audio feature or video feature. While you are calling your friends with these new features, you can simultaneously send photos from your camera roll. So, you can share your holiday snaps while bragging at the SAME TIME! Cue holiday envy here.

Multi Photos – Chat 2.0 enables you to send multiple pictures at once, and use Snapchat’s built in text, draw lines, and filter tools to add a personal touch to any that you choose.

Multi-feature functionality – Gone are the days of simply staring at each other while you are video chatting with someone. Now you can minimise them into a little thumbnail window and go about sending stickers, text, video and audio notes – a multi-taskers dream. It also gives you the ability to stop broadcasting at your end and just focus on what’s happening on your friend’s end.

Snapchat’s “Chat 2.0” is the closest thing to on the fly conversation we have on the internet. Rather than you deciding how you want to talk before engaging in conversation, it allows you to pick and choose mid-conversation, adapting and evolving as you go. Whether you want to send image, video, audio, sketches, symbols, the world is your oyster! It’s a breath of fresh air; and I think that once everyone has got to grips with its new features, they will be drawn in by the natural flow it offers compared to traditional messaging apps, like Facebook and Whatsapp. Snapchat’s new features throw down the gauntlet… Your move Facebook and Whatsapp.

Your move Facebook and Whatsapp.

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