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Social Media Remarketing Will Improve Your ROI

October 12, 2015 - Fifteen

What is social media remarketing?

If you’re not familiar with remarketing at all, it is a technique used to retarget users that have already visited your website. The benefit of this is that your ads are being shown only to people that have already displayed interest in your service/product.

Typically, most people run remarketing campaigns through Google, allowing your ads to be shown on a number of websites in the Google search network. But, with social media remarketing you are able to target users through several social media platforms.

But, what benefit does this have for your social media marketing plan?

Lower CPC

Remarketing through social media platforms usually costs less than regular social media ads. This is because whilst the user may have visited your site previously, you are actually targeting them whilst they are doing something entirely different. Whilst the ad is being displayed to them, they aren’t actually looking for your service at that moment. Because of this the user may not be as likely to convert, leading to a lower CPC.

Higher Conversion Rates

This doesn’t mean that your conversion rate on social media platforms will be higher than other channels, but it does lead through to a higher conversion rate overall. We’ve mentioned that not everyone on social media is likely to convert, but those who do soon add up. The point is that you are targeting users that have already expressed interest in your website. Social media remarketing encourages users that have not converted previously to return and finish the customer journey.

Brand Awareness

Similarly to regular remarketing, social media remarketing is a great way to increase your brand awareness. By putting your ads in front of people that have already viewed your website, they are more likely to remember your brand. Even if the remarketing ads don’t lead them towards a conversion, they are more likely to convert in the future when they consider your service again.

Interested in increasing your ROI on social media? Want to know more about social media remarketing? Get in touch with one of the Fifteen team today.

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