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Social Media Roundup

May 14, 2019 - Fifteen

It’s only been a month, but it’s been a busy one on the social media front. Luckily for you, we’ve been keeping an eye on all the action. So here’s the latest roundup featuring our top picks.

Facebook Rebrand

It might have gone slightly under the radar for many, but Facebook had a logo rebrand thin month, though the changes may have been too small for there to be uproar, the edits are still significant when you line the old up next to the new.

The most significant change is probably the colour. Facebook has had a faded navy tone since its launch in 2005, but the new colour is a lighter and brighter shade of blue.

New vs Old Facebook blue

Another change comes in the shape of the…shape! Sorry.

Old Facebook Logos

But seriously, the shape of the logo has changed from a square with slightly rounded corners to a circle.

Subsequently, the base of the letter “f” has been centred, whereas in the past it has been placed slightly to the right.

New Facebook Logo


Facebook has made all their logo assets available to download through their website:


Snapchat Became Relevant

Snapchat has been in steep decline for a couple of years now, with many ditching the platform for Instagram, which essentially offers the same service as part of their stories.

But this month the platform became a talking point again, as they released a new filter which changed people’s gender.

People around the world quickly caught on to the trend and started posting screenshots of their “opposite sex self” and everyone seemed to join in.

In many cases, the filter turned users into siblings and other family members, something that I personally used to trick my siblings into thinking my sister had dyed her hair. But the ‘Me’ version of my sister was obviously too good looking for the joke to go particularly far, but it did creep them out.

For the crack of it, I ran Donald Trump through the gender change filter and he looks like…Hillary Clinton. Ironic.

Donald Trump Gender Swap Snapchat

Others used the filter to catfish people of Tinder, giving men an insight into the struggles women face in the form of horrible chat up lines.

To use the filter, look for the following icon:

Snapchat Gender Filter

A Coffee Cup

Game of Thrones is the hottest topic on social media these days, and when someone makes a schoolboy error, it will get picked up on.

That’s exactly what happened in season 8 episode 4 when someone left a disposable coffee cup on set. As a result of the error, images of the scene went viral on social media and news outlets. But instead of talking about a coffee cup, people started talking about a ‘Starbucks’ cup.

This had a huuuuuge impact on the brand and according to Marketing CEO Stacy Jones, of Hollywood Branded, it is estimated that Starbucks gained a whopping $2.3 BILLION, yes BILLION, in free advertisement as a result of the error!

Game of Thrones Starbucks Cup

But this is just a tip of the iceberg according to Jones, as it does not take into account word of mouth and social media. Speaking to CNBC she said: “This is a once-in-a-lifetime collision of opportunity … But really, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because what isn’t being monitored or estimated is the word of mouth and social media on top of this.”

Not bad considering that Game of Thrones’ art director has since revealed that the cup wasn’t from Starbucks at all—it’s was a generic craft services cup!

England Reconquered the Football World

After seven years without an English Champions League winner, the longest wait since 1999, it was confirmed that this year’s winner will be a Premier League side.

That itself is a big talking point, but it was the way that it happened that really got thumbs typing.

Tottenham managed to scrape qualification with a last minute winner on away goals, while Liverpool faced a Barcelona side that was 3-0 up from their first leg.

With the away goal rule, this meant that Liverpool would have to score at least three goals, without conceding, to take it to penalties and four to go through in 90 minutes.

A Barcelona goal would mean that they would need at least 5 goals

As you can tell, it was mission impossible, but Liverpool put on a perfect display and won the game 4-0, subsequently, the internet blew up.

People could not believe what they had witnessed and even rival fans had to concede that what they had pulled off was impressive.

After it was established that it would be an all-English final. Attention turned to the Europa League, where Arsenal and Chelsea had the chance to complete the four-leaf clover and they did not disappoint.

Chelsea got lucky and managed to go through on penalties against Eintracht Frankfurt.

Arsenal, on the other hand, put on a dazzling display against Valencia, with a sublime hat-trick from Gabonese striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

This set up two all-English finals in Europe’s top two cup competitions for the first time in history.

Good Luck to Liverpool and Arsenal!

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