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Start The New Year With A Digital Strategy

December 29, 2016 - Fifteen

2017 is fast approaching, so out with the old and in with the new! January means a fresh look at your business plan and a chance to fine-tune your Digital Strategy.

Whether you have a strategy in place that needs a little more work or are starting completely from scratch, we cover the most important parts of drawing up a clear plan for your marketing:

Know what you stand for. Your brand and its mission need to be defined clearly in your own mind before you can expect customers to identify with it. What makes you different from your competitors? What tone of voice do you have?

Create your buyer persona. What do your typical customers look like? What motivates them? What are their challenges? Create a story around several individuals.

Plan your buyer journey. Why is that person coming to your business? What problems would drive them to find you? How would they find you? How many times would they need to visit you? Mapping out this journey allows you to identify the optimal times you can reach out to them.

Identify channels. Social Media, SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Blogging, Digital PR…there are so many different avenues to attracting customers, and not all of them are right for your business. In some industries, social media generates awareness but provides very little ROI. Similarly in a highly competitive industry SEO may be less effective than a strategy like PPC, which will drop you right in front of searching customers. You need to be clear about your objectives: are you trying to generate a ROI, drive enquiries or increase brand awareness?

Do your research. What are your competitors doing well? Are you getting left behind? Don’t forget that any channel they’re not utilising is also a chance to carve out a niche

Plan your budget. Some channels are more expensive than others, and some may have a stronger provable return-on-investment. There’s no point paying an agency to manage your PPC if you can’t afford to then put any spend behind it. Similarly, it’s not worth investing in SEO if you can only afford to do so for a month or two.

Engage. If you’re putting content out across digital channels, you need to be prepared to respond to the reaction from your consumers. Take time to engage and build a following, ensuring your content and comments are all in-line with your brand tone.

Need help creating a Digital Strategy that will drive your brand? Find out more here.

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