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Stickers come to Snapchat

May 24, 2016 - fifteen

Snapchat have definitely been busy recently cementing their place as one of the hottest social media platforms out there. We have recently seen revolutionary updates such as their 3D sticker technology that lets emojis track objects in videos.

This update is not technically a new feature to Snapchat as you have been able to send stickers in chats for a while now since the Chat 2.0 update, however, it is new that you can send stickers in your snaps! You can find the stickers in the same place that you find your emojis. If you ever felt that you couldn’t find the right emoji to convey your emotions then this update should definitely help solve that problem for you.

The main downside to this new feature is probably the layout. It is currently just one long list rather than being separated into categories like the emojis are. Other than that it’s a great little update.

We had a little play using stickers to celebrate the latest additions to our awards cabinet! Check it out.

Snapchat stickers


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