The 1st annual Fifteen Design Movie Awards

February 25, 2013 - fifteen

fifteen design movie awards

Awards season has hit!, with all the hype of the Oscars, BAFTAs and various other ceremonies coming up, we at Fifteen Design thought we would throw our two cents in. We wouldn’t exactly call ourselves movie experts but the office is usually ripe with discussion after we’ve all seen a film!

So with that, we present to you…. The Fifteen Design Movie Awards 2013
a celebration of the categories we felt may have been overlooked in the award ceremonies this year. Let’s kick off with…

Most talked about movie of the year – Skyfall

Skyfall Award

We all saw the 50th film in the James Bond series, Skyfall. Full of action, full of throwbacks, full of Daniel Craig. We were all talking about it! (also we think our Ollie is moonlighting as an actor, don’t you think he looks a bit like Bond?). Skyfall gets our award because we think it sits up there with the best of Bond!

Best office soundtrack of the year – Django Unchained

best office soundtrack

The Django Unchained soundtrack was a definite office favourite. The variety from Western influenced tunes to hip hop really had us going in the office. Most played track from the soundtrack has got to be ‘Unchained’!

Best superhero movie of the year – Avengers Assemble

best superhero movie

Kids and adults alike enjoyed ‘Avengers Assemble’ and we at Fifteen are all big kids really! If you’ve seen our office you’ll know that our walls are plasted in vintage comic books so the Avengers was always going to be a hit with the Fifteen Team! Following on swiftly….

Favourite Avenger – Iron Man


Our Simon claims to be the real life Iron Man, so who else could possibly win this category?! Who can deny that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man is the coolest of the superhero bunch from the Avengers? Not us!

Favourite Movie Quote of the year

Favourite Movie Quote

Django Unchained held some of the best quotes of the year, but our personal favourite was “The ‘D’ is silent”. Leo and Christoph Waltz also had some great lines, but Jamie Foxx is the king of cool and delivers this priceless quote.

and finally Movie we loved… not from this year – The Prestige

The DVD that every passed round in the office this year was ‘The Prestige’. One of Christopher Nolan’s many masterpieces, we were loving Jackman and Bale’s fantastic and thrilling performances! If you haven’t seen it yet, we seriously recommend you do!

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