The best web design software for 2022

July 22, 2022 - Fifteen

Technology plays a huge role in the modern world and is central to how we all live. A prime example of this is the websites which help us connect with people and businesses online. It is simply unthinkable to imagine life without them now and impossible to overstate how crucial they are.

Of course, websites do not appear by accident and are the result of careful design. Building a fast, user-friendly platform is vital and this means using the best web design software to help. If you are thinking of creating your own site for work or in your spare time, choosing the right software to use is crucial.

But which are the top pieces of software for designing websites in 2022?


Webflow ranks highly when it comes to the best web design software to use in 2022. This package is a comprehensive site builder that not only has masses of features but also delivers superb results. It is comparable to something like WordPress but actually builds front-end coding into its design. This enables you to create beautifully coded websites with lots of cool functionality – but without having to actually code it all yourself.

Although Webflow does need some knowledge of basic web design (such as box models, CSS rules and hierarchy), it is not too hard to use. It is also a web design software that offers true creative freedom and options like JavaScript to come up with any kind of site you like. With a neat editor interface as well, this software is ideal for making professional, responsive websites.

WordPress CMS

This is arguably THE most popular piece of software for creating websites on the planet. As a classic example of top web design software, it is tough to beat. Many websites are based on WordPress CMS and it helps many global businesses maintain their online presence.

But why is it such a good choice in 2022 still? There is no doubt that this makes web design easy and enjoyable. With no coding skills needed, you can just get on with making your site look great and deciding which features to include. There is a range of free templates to use and they can be customised however you like.

WordPress CMS also has a streamlined user interface and is well-supported if you get into any difficulties. This web design package also comes with a wide array of third-party integrations and SEO tools to use. As a result, it is fairly simple to come up with a cool, unique site that visitors will love.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver from Adobe is an iconic package for web design and has been around the industry for a while now. Its legendary status has not diminished over this period and it’s still a great choice in 2022. Although there is a bit of a learning curve when you start using it, there is no doubting the professional websites you can make with it.

The use of templates in this software means you can start creating top-class sites without too much effort. There is also the ability to fully optimise your website on both mobile and desktop for best results. For the more experienced web designer, features such as multi-monitor support and the ability to code in Dreamweaver direct from GIT are also a bonus. This is a piece of software that does require a paid monthly subscription though, so is best for professional web designers or those who will get lots of use from it.


When it comes to the best web design software in 2022, Wix website builder is worth considering. Although it is more of a web builder tool than a coding platform, it is still somewhere you can create awesome websites. Wix is especially good for beginners and those who could find something like Dreamweaver a bit too complex.

Very easy to use and with no coding skills needed, Wix is packed full of powerful features to make your new site stand out. Available as a free version, there is also a paid version which has extras to enjoy. This can be worth it because the paid plans not only have extra storage/bandwidth but no Wix branding on sites.

There are around 500 professional-looking templates to build your site with here and this helps you achieve faster results. Their drag and drop editing tool is also quick to pick up and fun to use. Features like Wix Turbo bring increased site speed and there are image editors, video backgrounds and much more to discover.

Top web design software for 2022

As the above shows, there is a decent choice of easy-to-use web design software tools out there in 2022 which makes creating fantastic sites a breeze. Whether you are a web design professional, a newcomer to the sector or someone who is looking to build their own site simply for fun, they are worth considering.

If you’re unsure on what web design software is right for you and your business, why not get in touch with us and we can give you all the help and advice you need. You can also take a look at the full range of web design services we offer here at Fifteen and see how we can help boost your business.

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