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The Drum Digital Census 2015

September 18, 2015

The results of The Drum Digital Census 2015 are in, and we’re very happy with our rankings. We were placed 3rd in the overall regional rankings for East Midlands, 16th in the client rankings across the UK, and 51st in the financial rankings.

What is The Drum Digital Census?

The Drum Digital Census is an annual report that highlights the top digital agencies in the UK. It provides a comprehensive review of agencies’ financial results, growth and efficiency, as well as client rankings provided by RAR (Recommended Agency Register). The census categorizes all agencies based on their size and the number of staff they have: 1-25, 26-50, 51-99, and 100+ (Fifteen fit in to the 1-25 category).

Financial Rankings

The financial rankings for The Drum Digital Census are calculated from the figures submitted by each agency. It is split into three categories:

Digital Fee Income – This represents the amount of income that an agency receives in the last financial year.
Digital Fee Income Growth – This is calculated by comparing the income from the last financial year with the previous year.
Digital Fee Income Per Head – The overall income is divided by the number of staff at the agency. This is used to showcase the efficiency of the agency and it’s staff members.

We got an overall ranking of 51st, but out of all three categories Fifteen ranked the highest in the Digital Fee Income Per Head rank. Despite being a small agency, we are still able to secure plenty of work. This is due, in part, to our excellent customer satisfaction.

Client Rankings

This category is calculated from the information supplied by RAR. RAR are an independent company that collect information and reviews from clients around the UK to calculate how effective an agency is. Fifteen have been nominated for several RAR awards over the past few years, so were eager to find out how we had ranked in the client rankings. We were ranked the 16th best agency in the UK for customer satisfaction. We’re very proud of this, as we strive to ensure our clients (however big or small) are happy with the final product. We are a very client-driven agency, and this ranking only helps to prove this.

Regional Rankings

The regional ranking is the only rank that ignores company size. Based on the rankings from the other two categories, it is calculated which agencies are the best in their region. Fifteen have ranked as the 3rd best digital agency in the East Midlands, based on both the Financial Rankings and Client Rankings. This is great news for us, as we currently work mostly with local businesses. The fact that we are ranked so highly in the local rankings shows incredible growth for Fifteen. A few years ago we were dedicated purely to Graphic Design, but are now considered to be one of the best digital agencies in the UK.

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