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The Effects Of User Experience (UX) On Your SEO

September 9, 2021

User Experience, or UX, plays a key importance in anyone’s SEO strategies. It’s the UX that will affect the ranking of your SEO through metrics of user engagement. If time and resources are put into improving and maximising UX design, improvement in SEO rankings will be visible, increased credibility of your brand, and longer/increased audience retention.

Lets first understand User Experience

Web experience centred around the user is what user experience is all about. UX is about the interactions and usability optimisation of your site while also the possibility of ‘snags’ that could wait down your viewers and customers. Eliminating the confusion and producing a responsive free flowing site is what a good UX is all about. Read more here about why UX is now essential.

Engage your users with an impressive UX, allowing them to easily locate what they’re looking for. This positivity will increase influence on user engagement metrics that Google ranks your website. Focusing on designing a good UX, often you will see an improvement in your search rankings. To make it simple, a happy user will equal higher rankings on google. Here are some ways to achieve the UX you’ve been looking for.

Effects Of User Experience (UX) On SEO

The UX factors that directly affect SEO

Now hopefully you’ll have a good understanding of user experience and some of the possible ways it affects SEO rankings, let’s now look at how we can improve metrics with an improved UX design.

Menus, Headers and Titles…

I’m fairly certain you’ve been on a website where the menu design was so confusing and you just don’t know what to do. Confusing interfaces can easily frustrate users who solely want to access and navigate throughout your website without having to put up with a complex layout of menus and headers. It’s pretty likely that you will lose the user without them even reaching the content they were looking for.

Load Times and Responsiveness

Slow website responsiveness can be such an annoying errand to wait for. Every second that passes, it’s increasingly more likely that your user base will be inclined to leave before they even get to their destination. Bounce rate and can be negatively affected if your users leave before the page loads and will be holding back your website’s capabilities.

There are many factors that could negatively affect the speed at which your page loads, but not all of them are entirely in your control. Take the user’s internet for example, there’s not much you can do about that. However, you can ensure you optimise your website for the shortest amount of time possible to load. Reduce file sizes, optimize photos resolutions, combined with CSS and JavaScript file optimisation making fewer server requests possible.

Mobile Responsiveness

The design of your mobile responsiveness has become a staple of modern website development, and it’s simple because over 50% of web traffic is solely driven by mobile devices and their searches. Websites that don’t have effective mobile responsiveness are losing that 50%+ of audience from the start. You’ll be able to see your user-engagement metrics telling you that your mobile responsiveness is not effective at all. So simply improve that mobile responsive design, see how here.

You can check your own mobile responsiveness, using the Google Mobile Responsiveness Test.

Conclusion of UX affect on SEO

Conclusion of UX affect on SEO

User experience (UX) and the design should be the staple of any strategy for SEO. Your SEO rankings are directly affected through user-engagement metrics that are implemented by Google in its search engine algorithms. The user experience design begins with gaining knowledge on how users first perceive and interact within your website. Consider the factors we mentioned like page speed, menu design and mobile responsiveness etc. If you are unsure how to begin, hire an experienced user design agency to help with the process like us here at Fifteen Design, always happy to adapt and suit your needs.

You’ll see improved user-engagement metrics, when implementing an effective UX design which will influence your search rankings, brand credibility, and audience retention.




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