The Fifteen ‘Cake of the Week’ Bake Off

May 23, 2014 - fifteen

Forget Fridays, for the past 8 weeks we’ve been dreaming about Wednesdays. Feeling our days lacked a bit of sugar we decided to embark upon a new idea of ‘Cake of the Week’ so every Wednesday the studio could have a little treat to spur us on through the rest of the week, but in a bid to make things a bit more exciting, we stepped up the first few weeks and created the Fifteen bake off. Each Wednesday a member of the team would delight us with their culinary skills and come into the studio armed with their baked creation; we did have a few sneaky contestant who hired a helping hand. Each cake was tucked into and voted upon for taste and presentation.

This Wednesday saw the final day of the bake off and the winner crowned. So we would like to say a large congratulations to Asher with his Oreo Cupcakes that propelled him into top position with a huge 65 out of 70.

Fifteen Cake of the Week bake off

Left to right: Asher’s Oreo Cupcakes, Tom’s lemon Drizzle Cake, Ollie’s Chocolate Rocky Bailey’s Cheesecake, Michelle’s Confetti Cake, Lucy’s 4 Layer Chocolate Caramel Cake, Alex’s Lemon Rainbow Cupcakes, Kathy’s Carrot Cake, Rob’s Baked Fruit Cheesecake

The bake off may have ended but we shall continue ‘Cake of the Week’ every Wednesday with a treat from the local shops.

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