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The Fifteen Fitbit Challenge – 29th August – 4th September

September 5, 2016 - fifteen

The month of September is upon us, Autumn is fast approaching, just as we are, with our next destination in the Fifteen FitBit challenge! Our aim for this week was to reach the Canadian shores, so let’s see if we made it!Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 17.08.30


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 17.08.47


A massive twist at the top of the leaderboard this week as the Marketing team make up 2 of the top 3. India has pulled it out the bag with 65,411 steps (similar distance as walking from the Fifteen office to Sheffield). Lucy leads the way for the Designers but can only reach second place. Tom finished in 3rd place to complete a strong week for the Marketing bunch, who, if you see the team results, collected an average 55,016 steps.

Our target destination was to reach Canada, and we made it! Up to now, as a team, we have done 5,221,485 out of 52,899,000 steps on our quest around the world.
Come back again next Monday to see if we’ve reached our next location.

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