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The Fifteeners

August 13, 2016 - Fifteen

Welcome to the office (in the style of David Attenborough)…

It has been over 12 years since the birth of one of the most highly regarded species on this planet, the majestic and often misunderstood Fifteener.

Here in the vast urban expanse of Nottingham, some of the great wonders of the Fifteener are realised, and today we take a trip into the world of these extraordinary creatures.

It all begins as the sun’s rays envelope the valleys that surround this species’ humble habitat. The resourceful and unpredictable Fifteener begins its day with a journey, a journey that proves vital to the constant evolution of this amazing creature.

The journey can take around an hour of the Fifteener’s morning and can consist of many detrimental obstacles. The driving rain and often-busy route that this creature chooses to take can see the journey sometimes doubling in time. Nevertheless, the determined and strategical Fifteener pushes on.

Upon arriving at its secondary habitat, the Fifteener begins to call out for its fellow species. One by one other members of the pack arrive at their high-climate destination.

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Once together, the pack disperse into groups of three of four, each with their own individual set of attributes. A key part of survival for the Fifteener is working as a team and this is clearly visible as the group takes shape for the day.

The specific set of skills of the Fifteener can vary, with some of them masters of development. These individuals within the pack are often much quieter that its fellow pack members. This is usually down to their brain-speed and accuracy being substantially greater than that of its peers.

On the other end of the spectrum are the ‘designers’. These individuals are able to use their instinctive nature in order to create new and exciting ideas within the pack, all of whom are under the jurisdiction of the often dominating pack leader.

In order to tell him apart from his understudies, one must firstly look at the age of the leader, as this is usually higher than that of the fellow pack members. Although aesthetically the leader will try to recreate the appearance of his pack, he will often place himself at the front of all pack movements as well as moulding his fur into a perfectly articulated quiff.

At certain points in the middle of the day, individual members of the pack will travel away from the habitat in order to acquire food and nutrients for the group. The offerings can differ depending on the mood of the pack. These creatures, however, often respond well to sugars. Pack members will return bearing substantial supplements for the rest of the group, showcasing the fruits of its often tedious journey onto a clear area in the middle of the pack’s joint habitat.

Throughout the day these captivating creatures will merge together in order to create what can only be described as truly amazing works of art. They will often come into contact with species from the outside who require the amazing skill set that the Fifteeners have to offer.

This will take up most of the Fifteener’s long and fruitful day. As the sun draws back down, these creatures will join in unison to recognise that the day is coming to an end. This sometimes involves members of the pack touching knuckles before making their incredible journey home for the night.

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