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The Power of Voice Search – An Update

June 3, 2021

In my previous blog about voice search, I outlined what voice search is, why users are so enamoured with it and the benefits of the technology as a whole. However, I want to dig a little deeper into some more points. 

The rise of voice search

Approximately 20% of quotes through mobile phones are done through voice and where this number is expected to increase so much, it’s so important the awareness and effects that this may have. With virtual technology increasingly important, we are seeing a trend that is revolutionising people’s search patterns for content. This rise in using voice for search is getting to the point that businesses should be starting to take voice search more serious. What’s more, businesses should think about where they fit in with customers’ UX and SEO.  

Why does it matter to my business?

With mobile devices, voice search is being used more for queries rather than traditional searches then why not stay miles ahead with your competitors? Three core factors play well into the success of voice search with a local business.

  • What’s the proximity of you and the searcher?
  • What sort of engagement is there with the consumer?
  • How is the business ranking in search?

Studies suggest that just over 50% of searchable content will be searched by voice. This is where businesses should take note and understand this important way of thinking and take care to get their results found on voice search engines.

The difference with this form of searching is in the style of the queries. Searching with your voice is conversational and completely different from traditional searches. When Voice searching some of the queries that go through the device are somewhat longer in details rather than typed searches. So to give you an example, when you’re searching Google and you’re wanting to search for ‘Nottingham’s Best Pubs’ you’ll probably use a full sentence instead of just keywords. For example; ‘can you tell me the best pubs in Nottingham city centre area’. 

Google Home Lit Up Fifteen Design

To get better results searching is that business in voice search you will need to understand and adapt to new SEO strategies

It’s also apparent that the right context for searching is important, too, to evolve the search by voice. But what exactly needs to change? Below are ways in optimising your website to become better at voice search. 

1) Your site should be friendly with mobile devices 

Create a website that is mobile friendly is THE most important part of all this because designing a website in this way will allow you to be noticeable on mobile devices. 

2) Making crawlable content

Make sure that the company’s mobile website never blocks JavaScript, CSS, any images and any videos. 


I don’t mean the cleaning products, but Flash is unfortunately not viewable by many mobile web browsers. Flash has been around for a while but lately, it’s been moved away due to the rising usage of Apples Safari web browser. Google Chrome will no longer support Flash in search result; it will not be indexed, from December 2020.

4) Loading time

40% of shoppers will wait no more than three seconds until they bounce so, therefore, you’ll need to provide a quicker way to enhance the UX.

5) For the locals

Voice searching is fast becoming the primary search for local queries. You need to rank quite high within your local area of search to allow for a better digital experience.

6) Tracking

Consumers still feel that the quickest method of getting ahold of someone is by calling. So if the consumer uses their voice searching device to find their local takeaway, they’ll probably end up using type search or calling the restaurant to book a table rather than doing it through Google. Therefore tracking is somewhat important in helping a business to identify what channels or adverts should be used. 

7) FAQs

One very important asset to have for voice search is succinct answers to their questions. A FAQs page is where users find the answers they need very quickly to the most common questions. Many voice search queries start with the where what, why, who and how. 

I’m going to eat my own words…

Google (as I am normally an Apple enthusiast) has led this whole voice searching and sharing these would maybe change your mind too on using a device such as Google assistant. It’s for sure starting to change my mind. 

Google Home Logo on Phone Fifteen Design

Google and their mighty thinkers have worked on some amazing things throughout the years and it’s just getting better.

Google Assistant makes table reservations

Making a simple table reservation over the phone with person to person interaction is now a thing of the past. You heard me right. You’ll never need to book a table again, Google assistants can do that for you in the background. All you have to do is let Google Assist know that you would like to book a table at a certain restaurant, with a time, date, and number of guests. Then it’ll call the restaurant for you – speak to the person at the end of the phone and book a table for you. 

It’ll then prompt you with a message to say it’s done. With Google assistant, it takes the stress of small things allowing you to make bigger things happen. 

Check out this video:

It’ll blow you away. 

So to conclude there are even more reasons why voice searching is something you should adopt within your business. Voice expands optimisation efforts and shows how you can become more relevant to local and international audiences.

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