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The YUBL Bubble of Advertising

June 23, 2016 - Fifteen

“What on earth is YUBL and where did it come from” was just one of the tweets of surprise when the new networking platform began trending on Twitter on Sunday night.

Pronounced like ‘Bubble’, YUBL is the newest social messaging platform taking the best parts of Whatsapp, Snapchat and Instagram – with the potential to replace them all.

The app takes the basic messaging feature and turns it into a blank canvas for users’ creativity. Fill with images, texts and video, then customise with stickers, poll buttons and more.

YUBL is in its infant stages. With just under 4,000 followers on neighbouring platform Twitter (Snapchat has 1.4million) it’s full potential is far from being realised but it’s already causing waves amongst its users.

The platform is currently only available in the UK but, with plans to launch in the US by the end of this year, it’s not a boat advertisers want to miss out on.

So where is the business opportunity in all of this?  

YUBL combines the best parts of many social messaging platforms and, just like Snapchat, allows you to search for brand accounts to follow.

Red Bull, Starbucks and ASOS are already onboard, and many celebrities including the Made in Chelsea crew are touting it.

At the moment there are five interactive features (with more in the pipeline): Vote, Count, Weblink, Whereabouts and Pinpoint.

Query users and then mark a destination on the map for them. Run a poll, and provide a relevant landing page to link from the app. Offer a free product when a user clicks a ‘count me in button’. Get creative and experiment with your advertising possibilities.

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