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Selling a digital web design agency?

July 29, 2016 - Ollie Piddubriwnyj

If you’re thinking of selling your digital web design agency, or graphic design company in Nottingham/Derby? Please get in touch. 

Whatever the reason for sale, whether retirement, geographical location move or even a career change, we’re interested.

Maybe you’re a freelance designer that’s built up a client base larger than you’d care to manage. Maybe your a freelance web developer that’s looking to sell your portfolio or you’ve built up a small agency and simply fallen out of love with the business you first started, fifteen would love to hear from you.

Inline with our growth plans for the next few years Fifteen are looking to acquire several small web design companies, digital agencies or graphic design agencies to join us.

There are various ways a sale of a web agency can work and we’re completely open to discussion whether you want to remain employed in some way or whether you want to walk away and try something totally new.

Fifteen are a multi award winning agency voted in the top 3 digital agencies in the East Midlands in 2015 an we’re looking for like minded designers, developers and digital marketers to join our growing team.

If you’d like to open discussion around the sale of your digital agency, please call Ollie on 0115 932 5151 or email Ollie@fifteen.co.uk


We’re true to our word. If you’ve not already seen the post, we recently acquired the top Nottingham branding agency, Attitude Design:

“It’s taken us a while to sort out the admin behind it – two months of negotiations as well as a whole bunch of brand names, domain names and company assets. But we’re good to go. We’ve now welcomed Matt and the Attitude team over to join our family. Along with Kate Crowther and myself, he’ll fit in as a senior member of our team. No matter what we’re tasked by brands to do, we reckon we’re better prepared than ever to smash any targets out the water.”

That means we already have our first new digital agency, stacks of new talent and skills, not to mention a whole host of brilliant new clients who we’re delighted to be working with. So we very much mean what we say when you’re after new agencies to join us. Get in touch with Ollie on 0115 932 5151 or email Ollie@fifteen.co.uk.

Ollie Piddubriwnyj

Ollie Piddubriwnyj

Founder and Creative Director

Ollie is the Founder and Managing Director of Fifteen.  He has an unrivalled passion for excellence and with that comes a great eye for detail.

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