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Twitter Up’s the Anti

May 17, 2016 - fifteen

There is news on the social media grapevine that Twitter is finally going to do something that they have been umming and ahhing about for years. Have you ever written the perfect tweet only to think, you know what would make this better? A picture and then, boom, you see the dreaded red minus numbers.

It’s something that has always annoyed twitter users as to why links and pictures eat up your character count so badly. Well, the end is apparently near, as a report from Bloomberg states that Twitter will soon ditch this allowing us to use the full 140 characters with any links or images thrown in. This is not the first time that changes within Twitter have hit the headlines and we can see the last time here when #RIPtwitter was trending.

This change has seemed like it has been a long time coming, especially as they have proposed raising the character count to as much as 10,000 characters. However, this truly ruffled some feathers as many thought that this compromised what Twitter was all about.

Should this change go ahead we feel that it will benefit Twitter massively as it will persuade users to share a great deal more rich media content.

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