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Twitter Video: Updates From the Online Bird

June 22, 2016 - fifteen

Everyone’s favourite online bird has chirped some exciting pieces of advertising news.

Extending its wingspan, Twitter is now offering its followers a longer video upload.

Tying in to the 140-character tweet format, the social networking platform is allowing users to record up to 140-seconds of video on both Twitter and Vine (previously users were limited to 30-second videos).

The news follows hot-on-the-heels of Twitter’s acquisition of Magic Pony Technology a machine learning company tipped to boost sharing capabilities online.

And just when brands were getting to grips with the new possibilities, Twitter execs rolled out another announcement: a new tool. Twitter Engage is an exciting new app for content creators to play with. The standalone program makes it easier for high-profile users to track follows and mentions from fans and influencers, along with better analytic tools – utilising Twitter’s marketing opportunities.

So, how can your brand optimise these changes?

Well, now’s the chance to get creative. Users have over 4X longer video content to play with – so make sure you’re utilising it.

Campaign reviews are now far easier to implement. If you’re a prominent user with access to Twitter Engage, the statistics available to you will be instrumental in analysing your campaign performance and goal targets.

If you need helping planning your social media campaign, make sure to contact one of our digital marketing experts.

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