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Twitter’s New Algorithm “Relevancy over Recency” and what it means for us all

February 17, 2016 - Fifteen

First of all, let’s flash back to the small heart attack Twitter gave it’s loyal users last week as the rumours circulated that Twitter was planning to remove the ability to automatically view the most recent posts, causing the hashtag #RIPTwitter to trend globally. The fear that Twitter is going to lose its instantaneous feel is something that has reoccurred every time the dreaded words Algorithm Change are whispered, however, the Twitter gods must be listening because it hasn’t happened yet.

You can’t write a blog about social media algorithms without mentioning Facebook. Ever time a new feature rolls out across any platform it seems that comparisons are drawn back to Facebook (hardly surprising) but this happened again with Twitters ‘Best Tweets’ feature and Facebook’s news feed model. Facebook’s algorithm ranks by relevance and interest over chronology leaving Twitter to it’s real time element, however, we can’t help but wonder, is the new ‘Facebook Live’ feature the first ripple for Facebook in the pond of real-time social media sharing.

However, enough talk of social media giants trying to get one up on each other let’s talk about what this all means for those of us that are trying to use social media for business. Originally the thought was, as it was with Facebook’s update years ago, that this algorithm change would benefit all of our organic reaches. However this was not the case and we have seen companies having to treat this more as a paid media channel as the update has a larger lean towards sponsored posts.

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