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Five Reasons You Need Upgraded Bing URLs

September 7, 2016 - Fifteen


In August Bing announced that the released upgraded URLs would be available in all advert markets, finally matching Google Adwords features.

But what is an upgraded URL?

“Upgraded URLs separate your tracking information from the landing page URL, making it easy to update and manage URL tracking.”

Put simply? Using the feature means that if you want to change your URL after an advert has been created, your advert won’t have to go through another editorial review and you’ll no longer lose the statistics associated with the previous advert. Plus, you can define a separate mobile landing page URL – perfect if you have a site that is optimised for mobile and tablet devices.


There’s no interruption. Existing identifier ID’s are reused by Bing for all your campaigns – so you won’t lose any performance statistics from your campaigns. There really isn’t any disadvantage to upgrading.

Increased efficiency in your tracking management. One tracking template can now manage the tracking information of multiple URLs. That means you can make as many edits as you like, all in one quick change.

If your ads don’t need an additional editorial review, they won’t be paused, meaning you don’t lose out on valuable impressions and clicks.

You can play around with longer URLs too. Currently a standard destination URL has a limit of 1024-characters. Upgrading your URLs doubles this to 2048.

Track activity to a granular level. The feature has the ability to add both URL parameters and customer parameters to your tracking template – gaining extra insights on the source of each of your ad clicks.

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