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We Are Fifteen: Natalie

October 27, 2015

Natalie Crouch
Digital Marketing Manager

About you

I graduated with a 2:1 from Bournemouth University where I specialised in Digital Marketing in my final year, after a placement year in a role where I was exposed to many digital marketing channels. Once I graduated, I gained a position within the digital marketing team at a Blue-Chip company where I worked in SEO, PPC and Affiliates and really gained a lot of knowledge with immense budgets.

As I gained more experience, I wanted a more challenging role and to move agency side. It was the best move I ever made to join the Fifteen team.

About your role

Being a Digital Marketing Manager at Fifteen, my role includes many things such as going to new clients who are looking into Fifteen’s services, building, implementing and optimising campaigns and managing the digital marketing team.

This involves looking after clients throughout their campaign and ensuring they are receiving all the support they need, checking in with them at intervals and ensuring that they fully understand their returns from our digital marketing efforts.

What is your favourite project that you have worked on?

My favourite project I’ve worked on to date would be the Misspap Affiliate Programme. This has been really exciting and is still a project that I am managing currently.

With the nature of the industry being something I am passionate about and the exciting opportunities I can present back to the business, this really has been a project I’ve been able to fully dive into and the results we have seen in the first phase of the project have been outstanding. Being such a results driven individual, this really motivates me to drive the programme even further.

What have you learnt at Fifteen?

I have loved my time at Fifteen so far. I think the main thing I have learnt is that you get out what you put in. If you work hard on an account to drive results above expectations, the sense of achievement you gain is the best feeling.

What is rewarding about working for Fifteen?

The opportunity to develop with the business and achieve our clients’ business objectives to really see them grow. It was the best move I ever made to join the Fifteen team. The culture of the company and the people in the business make every day fun and my role is so diverse that I never end up doing the same thing every day.

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