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We’re over the moon with Parent Cloud’s new website

March 30, 2020

The Brief: 

Parent Cloud got in touch with Fifteen with a project to refresh the brand with a new website. Our task was to create a fresh looking and responsive website which will look great on all of the existing platforms. 

They also asked us to optimise the user journey. The new website needed to have an easy and straightforward way for a user to navigate between the pages and find the relevant information or book a session with a consultant.

We got work building their dream site.

About Parent Cloud:

Parent Cloud is a group of specialists supporting families and offering advice on mental health and professional prospects for parents. They work closely with companies of all sizes offering advice in different spheres (Nutrition, child behaviour, etc.)

Parent cloud offers remote coaching and access to their resources which contain valuable information for employers and employees. They provide corporate training on how to create a healthy working environment focusing on the mental well-being of staff who are parents or are about to become parents.

What We Did:

The client didn’t want the website to look too corporate. Our creative team used the latest design trends and came up with an idea of less corporate but more light and artistic design. We used a calm and neutral colour palette to create a relaxed and calm atmosphere for a user. We wanted to design a website which from the first click shows a user that this is a safe place where you can get help and advice.

Our digital team made sure that the website has a straightforward user journey. The website has a lot of visible CTAs (Call-to-actions) to make the navigation easier. If you are visiting the website you will see the ‘book an appointment’ button straight away. If you want to learn more about Parent Cloud before booking a session with a consultant you have all the relevant pages displayed at the top level-menu.

The development team built the website from scratch using HTML and CSS. All the templates have been custom-built using flexible elements so in the future the client can use a page builder to create more pages. We made sure that the CMS is easy to manage so the client has full control over the backend of the website.

We also added some nice animation on the new website so now it has a lot of interactive elements. Check out the new Parent cloud website here:

We had a great time developing a site for Parent Cloud. We love what they do and were happy to help out. If you have a digital project like a website revamp or full site overhaul in mind give us a shout. We can’t wait to help you build your very own purpose-built website.




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