What is Google Remarketing?

September 13, 2013 - fifteen

Check out our latest video for our Google Remarketing service.

What is Remarketing?
Many websites now are part of the Google Ad Network. This means that there is space for adverts to appear on their websites. The trick behind these ads is that they are often an ad for a website you have visited before. If you’ve watched a YouTube video then you’ve most likely seen this type of ad. This type of advertising is called ‘Remarketing’. How does it work?
A user will visit your website but may leave without an enquiry or purchase. Once they have left they will visit a web page where your ad will be displayed (this will be a ‘Google Ad Network’ enabled page), the user will then click on this advert and be brought back to your website. This then gives them a second opportunity to send you an enquiry or complete a purchase.

How can Fifteen Design help?
You may have seen our remarketing ads around the internet recently, this is because we’ve seen the benefits of remarketing for ourselves. Our excellent design team can create a suite of adverts that will attract the users to click on your website again and lead your business to more enquiries and more conversions.

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